No woman no cry


The featured stock photo of a member of the Star Tribe


Client: Al Sarraf computers

Agency: Horizon FCB – Kuwait

Country: Kuwait

The entire “artwork” is based on cutting and pasting stock photos from the same CD and that too from an “international” agency.


Client: Al Fanar mall

Agency: P&A (Performance & Action)

Country: Kuwait


Client: Mekky Furniture Center

Country: Kuwait


Client: Wataniya Telecom Authorized Dealer

Country: Kuwait


Client: Staffordsshire university

Country: Oman – 2009


Published in Dalal magazine, November 2009. Page:110


Published in Dalal magazine, November 2009. Page:112


Client: NBK – National Bank of Kuwait

Agency: JWT – Kuwait

Country: Kuwait


Client: Wataniya Telecom Authorized Dealer

Agency: Graffiti Marketing Communications

Country: Kuwait

Client: Staffordsshire university

Country: Oman – 2010

Key question, How difficult is it to actually take a photo of a veiled woman in the GCC?

Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists, and others use stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative assignments.

A customer who uses stock photography instead of hiring a photographer can save time and money, but can also sacrifice creative control. – Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “No woman no cry”

  1. Mr. Alasfahani,
    I have great regard for your work and critiquing but am afraid the same would apply to the pictures of a man too!

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