Kids r us

Taiba Color Blind 1

Taiba Color Blind 2

Taiba Color Blind 3

Agency: JWT Kuwait

Executive Creative Director: Mazen Fayad

Associate Creative Director: Mark Makhoul

Art Director: Amin Abuhamzeh

Copywriter: Laila Algharabally

Photographer: Steve Kauzman

Retouching: Rotfilter


Although congratulations are in order for the overall quality of the campaign which won a Bronze at the 2008 Dubai Lynx; however it should not have been allowed to enter as it was never ever published by a paying client within the specified time frame for the competition.

Playing by the rules means you don’t make ghost ads to enter awards and compete unethically with creative directors who participate with REAL work that is approved by clients and is published.

this also got awrded at the 2007 MENA Crystal – magazine crystal.





5 thoughts on “Kids r us

  1. anubis

    I have placed two documents by Ipsos research – which visually proves that the scams do not follow the client template or any guidelines by the client as evident by actual examples of published ads. The reason why this happened is because the client never paid for the artwork or for the media.
    As a way to get around the Cannes Lions rules and regulations the scam ads were published once in a low-circulated media vehicle – for free
    For more information of ghost ads/scams check this post

  2. Mark

    Check February issue of Layalina I believe. They were published because for the Cannes we had to send in a tear sheet from the magazine. So stop spreading rumors Loaui. You don’t read every magazine out there.

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