Spot the differences

Advertiser: Clarks – Kuwait.

Advertiser: Clarks – Saudi Arabia

Notice in the above two examples how the same brand with the same artwork has been subjected to different levels of censorship tolerance. in Kuwait it is allowed to show knees and women without a headscarf; while in Saudi Arabia it is not allowed so they extended the woman skirt to cover her legs and placed a headscarf over her head!!! is it such a big crime to show a woman without a headscarf?  in both countries consumers have access to high speed internet and satellite TV stations which are owned by Kuwaiti and Saudi nationals who feature Arabic, Indian and American movies featuring women without headscarfs. what good is it to sensor an unoffending ad in the print media? is it acceptable to watch such women on TV but unacceptable in see them in the print media!!!

here is another example from Kuwait which is funny (in a way) as it attempts to adhere to the law by covering up exposed areas of a woman body but at the same time revealing the underlying skin and uses skin tones to keep the ads sex appeal!!!!! who are you fooling? do it right or do not do it at all.

Published in Al Hadaf Kuwaiti magazine. issue 2036. September 2009. Page: IFC.

Client: Triumph

Country: Kuwait

Nice legs. no censorship.

The article was published in Al Jarida Kuwaiti daily newspaper . December 17, 2009. Why have they not censored he short skirt? is it ok to feature women with short skirts as editorial in the same media which sensors women in short skirts in advertisements?!!!!!

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