VW Blue Moon

Original: DDB, UAE for VW

Source: http://www.ads2blog.com/2008/08/20/volkswagen-greetings/

Less Original: Audi

Source: http://www.ads2blog.com/2008/09/03/ramadan-kareem-from-audi/

Both ads are for automotive…less than a month apart; the agency that is less original used to handle the VW account so they MUST have seen the original ad..oh one more thing…both ads were featured in the same blog 😉

Picture 7

Published in Media Week ME. August 9, 2009. Page: 15. www.mediaweekme.com

A copycat is a person that mimics or repeats the behavior of another. The term is often derogatory, suggesting a lack of originality. The expression may derive from kittens that learned by imitating the behaviors of their mothers. – Wikipedia.

Plagiarism: The abuse of another’s original work by copying it and passing it off as one’s own. As defined in Alastair Campbell book titled The Designer’s Lexicon. Page: 293 ISBN: 0-304-35505-4.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of thievery” excerpt from a book by Capsule titled Design Matters. Page: 84. ISBN -13:978-1-59253-341-1.

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