Knitting else matters


Client: AREPCO

Agency: C3 – C Cube

Country: Kuwait

Year: 2008




Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists, and others use stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative assignments. A customer who uses stock photography instead of hiring a photographer can save time and money, but can also sacrifice creative control. – Wikipedia.

4 thoughts on “Knitting else matters

  1. Blind guitar

    you know what its just nice to use photos that can help our creativity which is build on our idea, but you know what those phtoto we can take it out easly but the photos that we can’t takea shoot for it like real lion or soem thing we can’t have ok then we use this istock photo or what ever of those websites that provide you with those pictures but to go directly to those things without thinking, well you know what i call them ” شغل بنت الجيران “

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