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Source: Campaign Middle East. By Nick Henderson.

I was not surprised of Chafic Haddad response that “the issue of scams and copycats has been blown our of all proportion” I think he is starting to feel the heat and as such is trying to undermine the creative awakening in the GCC (the first step towards fixing a mistake is admitting that the mistake exists).

Chafic Haddad (and JWT) know well about the mistakes that won them creativity awards (be it Lynx, KAAA, MENA Crystal) or others that got them the title Agency of the Year in 2008) so he for one will not be admitting to such mistakes 😉 once again FP7 Doha is Agency of the Year in my book.

NB. lets not forget that many of Chafic’s “creative ideas” are featured on this blog alongside the ORIGINALs 😉 check these out for an example (to see more just search this blog for JWT):

Say No…to copy-cats

Mouse trap or copy cat trap?


To add insult to injury the creative director of this awarded copy cat is serving as a judge on the 2008 MENA Crystal Creativity Awards jury!!! and guess who dominated the Awards 😉

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