wild cars



Agency: Marcom

Creative Director: Tamer Serag El Din
Creative Team: Rania El Kest, Karim A. Yusuf, Sarah Khanna, Ahmed El Hefnawy, Ayman Salah El Din, Amr El Geddawy

Country: Egypt – 2007.

The idea was to reflect the passion of Mercedes-Benz through an artistic approach. Using four consecutive ads, the campaign highlights Mercedes-Benz as the origin of all beauty, fascination, safety and performance. The horse here symbolizes the power and performance of a Mercedes-Benz

The advertising ran exclusively in certain lifestyle magazines throughout Egypt in order to target specific classes with refined mentalities.

Source: http://mediame.com/image_media/print/mercedes_benz_horse

Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists, and others use stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative assignments. A customer who uses stock photography instead of hiring a photographer can save time and money, but can also sacrifice creative control. – Wikipedia.

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