20 thoughts on “Cannes Lions reaction to the 2009 Dubai Lynx

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  3. jay

    i wouldve thought it is pretty basic that advertising is done to sell products. awards are a rather irrelevant way of measuring advertising and how and if it works. and in case they do institute awards, the least they can do is make sure copied ads are not awarded. and agencies could do the same, seeing how irrelevant the awards are, except on the cv of some lunatics.

  4. anubis

    Jason, you put up very interesting points of view. i agree with 95% of them and i am personally happy that this debate is taking place. I am also happy on your stand on plagiarism. please keep visiting and sharing your views.

  5. Jason

    Anubis, i get where you are coming from, but that is not how it works all the time. At least not here in the U.S. If those are the standards a notable amount of entries into competitions as well as winners would be disqualified for every year competitions are held as far back as you can imagine. It is very common to create a campaign around an artists preconcieved work.

    The goal of an ad agency is to create a campaign that satisfies the clients need, not win awards, period! Awards, while they are nice to get and makes us happy, are really self masturbatory trinkets that sit on the mantle. This whole arguement seems a bit childish… Get off your high horses already. Advertising agencies are the producers of the print world. Who gets top billing in movie credits? The producers. Did they personally create all the artwork? No. Did they concieve the idea? No. Did they write the script? No. Did they do the acting? No, did they direct? No.

    Now I am 100% anti plagerism and if there are entries that were obviously ripped off then they definately should be disqualified.

    But that is not the case in our situation.

    Were my illustrations preconcived? Yes, so that disqualifies their use? They have never been used in an ad campaign before…

    Did I create the ad campaign? No, Fp7 did.
    Did i create the illustrations? Yes, but that is my job.
    You need to recognize what the job of an ad agency is…

  6. Simon

    Jason, I agree with Louie. They’ve done the equivalent of going on shutterstock and purchasing a stock image. There’s no internal creative involvement at FP7, so they don’t deserve the credit. I hope you were well paid!

  7. anubis

    jason, you should be proud of your work. we are all proud of your work and that is the heart of the problem…the fact that it is YOUR work and not that of FP7. You should be awarded for your work not anyone else. if they had commissioned you to create a specific new illustration for a real client they too would deserve the award but not like this. Creativity awards celebrate ideas and their executions for real clients NOT award the agencies for art-buying.

    NB. if i buy the same artwork (or a similar artwork) and enter it in next year Linx will i win or will i be accused of copycat?

  8. jason

    Its a shame that my work is garnering such criticism. All I did was sell use to an ad agency. Something that is done thousands of times around the globe. How do photographers ever plan on making a living by these standards. I am truly grateful for FP7 to have wanted to use my work. Before this, no one really gave a damn…

    You should all be ashamed.

    Jason Freeny

  9. And still a little bit more....


    Here’s FP7 Dubai’s outdoor Grand Prix winner. Oh wait, hang on, no… this is the website for Jason Freeny, a digital illustrator who lives in New York.

    See the resemblance?

    But of course, after all, FP7 Dubai entered the work with Jason Freeny as the “Art Director”, “Typographer” & of course – “Illustrator”.


    Can someone tell me what exactly FP7 Dubai did? Source the image and slapped a logo on it? Nicely done boys. The outdoor Grand Prix was well deserved. As was the Print Gold.

    And finally I wonder if Brainobrain knows that “their” campaign is available for purchase on the net… http://www.gelaskins.com/artist.php?Artist=115

    In fact I suggest you get a copy for your iPhone or macbook pro where you can create your next Grand Prix winner.


  10. Shame

    Any suspect Cannes (and other) winners WILL start to be called out this year.

    Be warned.

    There work will be posted on a blog set up for this, investigated, along with their names and ‘scam hack asterisk’ graphics making fun of them applied to the ads…to be passed around the net like that.

    Again, bee warned. Imagine being one of those creatives with a HUGE asterisk after your name or showing up every time your ad is posted.

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  12. hellos

    To all those whom are firing at FP7 Doha, iam not saying that what happened is not bad, but i just want to ask everyone have you noticed other agencies work.
    I mean before we judge one agency lets judge the others: have you seen the last ad for DU which was done in UAE by leo burnett, i mean please who thought that 2 heads would be an attractive ad for telecome it is disgusting,scary,and simply ugly. What about the hilarious ad done by TBWA for Formula one ad done in UAE, for the most luxurious tracks done in the world on which they spent trillions, do you beleive that this is a campaign that should be done to the biggest world support challenge, the most expensive race in the world, do you think a shaving blade represents the formula one cars? please, i mean even the slogans are different from english to arabic. lets all remember the formula one campaign done by FP7 Bahrain i think we should give credit to this company.There were so many good campaigns and ads done by the network thought out there long years of being in the market.We cant judge a whole book from one small chapter of it which is here there creative director in doha if he was mistaken thats is not the whole network mistake lets wait till the investigations are done then lets start to fire.

    من كان منكم بلا خطيئة فليرميه بحجر

  13. Jhon Doh

    how could i forget this one Mr. Lynx. the GREAT PRINT GRAND PRIX WINNER. that is on its own a piece of art to make it to the grand prix.

    17) first Hamdallh the creative director of Leo Burnett Cairo – brave man he is –
    claimed during the Lynx debate while Lynx staff are watching and just before the awards ceremony that “Heinz didn’t commission or even like his Heinz Campaign (which won the GP later on)” well this is an honest man at least he admit it and get rewarded for it.

    the equity of heinz ketchup is that ” it is thick ketchup..etc” all the campaigns in the world have been done around this single minded and focused proposition, however leo burnett wanted to change that in an awards campaign. and you know what. the client approved it just for the sake of the awards ONLY, at the end it is only one insertion, or was it more with on wrong equity. what a great piece! and a great reward! way to go lynx!

  14. jhon Doh

    now you guys have burnt down all FP7 Doha work
    and dragged down to where it would make you happy
    and satisfied. why don’t we all start picking up on the rest of the agencies and bring down the temple on every bodies head. so we all be even happier and can sleep the long nights because we are the people of principle and we want to protect award shows and the region. we want to feel happy that no one is better than anyone else.

    so as we are all on it lets bring them all down, and let the senior people from the leading agencies who start sending emails and provoked the whole thing be even happier seeing justice take place even in their side of the court. wouldn’t it just be fair.

    so here we go, please tell me that all these clients have for real commissioned the agency, approved the ads, paid for production, and ran the campaigns,….etc

    we will raise the questions and dubai lynx would do the
    investigation, and bring them downt:

    1) Y&R Dubai – ZEISS LENS – FLY campaignl
    for sure this is real work and the lens client wanted to promote the lens power in 2009 where lot of people still use lens for many reasons and it is now or never. the market now and with the financial crises can afford the lens client to spend money on production for lens campaign. brilliant. this one is real client brief work. isn’t it!
    who can doubt this one and why?

    2) leo burnett dubai – tide campaign
    yes with the real beautiful ads i see from P&G WORK ON TV AND PRESS this is for sure real work, client asked for it, and presented, approved, ran for couple of weeks and months like P&G usually run their campaigns. brilliant work P&G and leo

    yes sure we have been in the region forever and ever. we always saw ads and posters for plaster everywhere. it is usual for plaster brands to do press and outdoor campaigns for it self and invest in it to drive more sales. and the proof that both JWT and
    TBWA are doing the same campaign see it is really in demand to do plaster campaigns these days.

    4)TBWA Dubai – Pattex glue
    well done you brought in a product brand from the dead in the market – last seen in the 80’s
    and the client suddenly requested the agency to campaign for pattex glue because it is part of the yearly marketing plan. and the agency came up with this clear benefit for the market which the client instantly approved and invested in to increase sales in the market since it is available everywhere.

    5) TBWA Dubai – Eight resturant
    what is wrong with TBWA dubai doing campaign as such for client in beirut. since they are doing it for very cheap resturant by the corner who would for sure have the budget to advertise during financial crises as the tourism in beirut is booming in winter and they for sure can afford such campaigns with a very clear message and idea that would click with everyone and drive traffic into the resturant. sure thing

    6) Y&R Dubai – landrover gear
    yeah land rover car ads are all over the place in dubai and the region and you know what it is the perfect time to advertise landrover gear in the region because cars and land rover market specifically is booming and car sales did not get affected by the financial crises at all. and the biggest target audience in the region are not the gulf nation whom wear thoubs even on off road. no it is the mass, and these people are very interested in land rover clothing and gear.
    so the client yes asked for it, approved it, and run it. how could you suspect this one
    come on. it is Y&R and Land rover, they have this client. this is real work man.

    7) leo burnett dubai – fujifilm
    yes we all know that they have fuji film, and they spend heavily and they always do brand campaigns like these and we see them everywhere don’t we. this was just another campaign which leo dubai are used to do for fuji film and if you cant remember even in the 2008 lynx we saw couple of campaigns as good as this one and nothing is fishy around it at all. why would lynx investigate this one why?

    8)Genius LOCI Dubai – Westin Dubai
    this was one of the very very very few copy campaigns and for a resturant, so lets award it and you know what poor Genius LOCI they don’t have many entries and they are not a threat to any one so it will pass, and nothing fishy about it, resturants like westin dubai advertise heavily in dubai and long copy ads is their style it is not a favor from the resturant or anything like that, or maybe the owner is a friend of someone in the agency no. it is a real client and we see their campaigns everyday in dubai, no i meant every now and then.

    9) tribe – U2ED IMAX
    i have seen this run in dubai! like all the campaigns that imax run to drive traffic into the movie theatre or for films, this one is for real and it was for U2 3D IMAX silly people. it is for real.

    10) impact bbdo beirut – sharp
    no beirut don’t do scam. this one is real not been done in photoshop just for the sake of taking the picture, you can call the supermarket and ask them they will tell you yes, and the client approved it. you know sharp are very active in beirut unlike the rest of the region

    11) FP7 Dubai – mcdonalds
    come on guys, you always see such ads for mcdonalds in the street specially the price driven ads. they don’t usually have the price tag big and the sandwich bigger than the space no they dont. it always clean and neat like this one this is typical ad fro mcdonalds and am sure that the client saw it and it ran like the rest of their campaigns

    12) FP7 Dubai – leatherman
    are you joking me, we see this brand everywhere on the streets it is not like the first time ever in the history of this region. and am sure it is as real as the Chiqueta radio campaign. come on guys just focus on the grand prix and spray this one is for real

    13) leo burnett – GMC CADIA
    THIS ONE FOR SURE IS REAL because we always see GMC ads run like this in the region, and am sure the client seen it and approved because it is his style, and it was done to appeal to the consumer in GCC that is why it has been shot else where. and YOU KNOW WHAT AMERICANS CARS AND GMC ARE NOT HAVING ANY CRISES AND ALMOST BROKE NOT AT ALL, THEY STILL HAVE MARKETING BUDGET TO DO THESE AWARDS CAMPAIGNS, dont you think.

    14) JWT Dubai – virgin megastore
    poor thing they only have this one made it it must be real work and client brief because JWT are very honest agency and do not do scam or even proactive they only work on real briefs from the client and they dont copy ads god forbid because if they do the people will get fired. and you know what virgin are very very interested in doing ads for the kids books section. and knowing virgin and the constant campaigns they do every
    day, it is part of the agenda for this year to promote kids music books. you fool.

    15) JWT dubai – hotwheels
    oh my god they work for Mattel , how cool i wish i work for JWT Dubai they dont do scam at all.

    and shame this year bra campaign for the lingerie store did not make it like last year naked woman in the breast, bottom front and back area campaign that was real and ran for sure press and outdoor but in the store and there is nothing sensitive about it to have naked women.

    15/B) and buy the way all their work for the DM
    is real work and done for real and you dare proof otherwise they are not cheap mockup done by the agency and the agency took the pictures for it in the locations and did the board and the jury bought it, for real.
    you know what it is not really important, DM. because it doesn’t count in agency of the year and anyone can get away with anything there. and it is not the bird that fly in JWT office told me so, no at all, he told me it is all real he he he it is real work. but who cares if it is not. come on it is JWT. honest.

    16) TBWA Dubai – hand dial hand sanitizer
    you know what it is a fast moving product, to boost it even more the client decided to do this campaign to boost the sales. or is it the opposite! and the client have seen it and approved like all the other campaigns what do you think, for sure

    again this is another proof that we can do the same, check our client for this one HENKEL PDC EGYPT SAE . we can do it.

    have a nice hunt MENA.

    PS: the proof will be uploaded soon lets see who is after this time lynx or us again! I do keep my promises

  15. anubis

    The biggest plagiarizers usually are the strongest defenders so I for one am not surprised.

    I still believe that the Dubai Lynx is so far the most credible creativity awards in the MENA region and we are all optimistic in the hope that they will do the right thing and take necessary actions; lets wait and see.

  16. Mike55

    Mabrook! This is better than anything that was appeared on the night. A complete joke – I can’t believe Fadi Yaish is in this week’s campaign crowing that we’ve now got ‘an awards ceremony that people can trust’. Erm, no.

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