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Source: Campaign ME, April 12 – 25, 2009. Page: 22.

“At last year’s Cannes awards TBWA Paris had to withdraw a fake ad for Amnesty International. What did Cannes do? Precious little. They asked for the ad to be withdrawn. Big deal. This year watch the fakes come rolling in”. – John Hegarty.

On EA Medal of Honor “Cannes Lions subsequently investigated, and after several months, said it would not be withdrawing the awards.” – Eliot Beer. 

Often award organizers tend to tern a def ear towards complaints about illegitimate awarded work.





“There are a number of actions that awards schemes can take. Firstly. any agency entering scam ads should have all their entries cancelled. Not just the fake”. – John Hegarty.

Strip all illegitimate winners from their gongs. 

“Depending on the severity of the scam they should be suspended from entering for a period of time”. – John Hegarty.

What John is asking for is already clearly stated in the Lynx rules and regulations. here is the link  Good move Dubai Lynx

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