Look out, it’s the ad police





Published in Media Week ME. 26 April 2009. Page: 15. Issue 28.

First I would like to Thank Peter for attempting humor, Media Week for humoring Peter and FP7 for their alleged generosity.

The advertising industry is a serious business and as such warrants proper regulation if it is to thrive.

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8 thoughts on “Look out, it’s the ad police”

  1. I am only getting on the nerves of people who produce copycat/spoof/ghost ads that gets entered into award shows that wastes the jury’s time, embarrasses the organizers and gives advertising a bad name. I would have appreciated if that “Creative Director” took the time for reading an article about business ethics rather than writing about me and attempting humor 😉 If Peter Pan still thinks he is funny then he should join the circus i hear they are missing a clown 🙂

  2. Because it seems your getting on the nerves of many people, I mean you should appreciate the fact that a creative director took the time to write an article about you! You have to admit though that the guy knows how to write humor.

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