The following is yet another letter sent in by John Doh. I hope once again that you do not shoot the messenger 🙂

Dear Louai,

trust all is well.I know I can trust you on this to follow and publish on you blog

and It is on your conscience. The whole issue was and still finding

the truth and defending the adland. I kindly request you to publish this on 

your blogs and websites. and pursue the truth with lynx. as they as I know

still did not come back to anyone on the following.




It seems Dubai Lynx and Mr. Steve Lane would not bother to do their job

unless they are pushed to do so with the adland following them with a big stick
in hand. Yes, it is in their rules.

I take a vacation and come back to find out still there is more efforts to hide the truth
than getting to the bottom of it once and for all. well, not this time! and even if all agencies creative have come united under FP7 flag. Sweet Lord.

You have to finish what you have started. Disappointed I am. with all the people
who were proactive on the subject when it all started out and then suddenly
on 27th March everyone started to hide in the shadows of Lynx. Yes it is tough when you feel the heat.

Enough has been said. Am going to keep it simple and clear.

16 campaigns has ben posted on 27th March for TBWA, JWT, FP7, Y&R, TRIBE, GENIUS LOCI, LEO BURNETT, IMPACT BBDO. Which a lot of them are a clear scam and doesn’t need two to argue that. Campaigns like ZEISS or TBWA with the client Librairie Memories! Fuji Film for Leo Burnett for Client Grand Stores without their logo! and many more as pointed out previously, Come on Steve! The fact that Lynx are giving enough time for the agencies to cover up their crime scene because they can not afford no more, doesn’t mean the crime did not take place.

The fact that Lynx did not even have enough respect to come back to the industry and media with proper feedback on the subject, doesn’t mean people have forgotten. you wish.

My self and couple of people in one week have put together enough evidence for most of the campaigns that will prove they are scam, and Mr. Steve and an army behind him could not even come back with even a feedback after almost 2 months. it is not because he is waiting for them to cover up, or he is waiting for feedback from them, or he is working on it, it is because he doesn’t want to, now it is too much to handle. we have got emails and written papers from clients and media that put these campaigns to their graves. it is only because Mr. Lynx is kind giving people time, and for the sake of the region and the integrity of lynx!!! and what is lift of its reputation will let it come from them giving them the benefit of the doubt. and our patience should not put under the test. if they dont all the evidence will be on blogs and shared with all media and am sure you don’t want that for the sake of everyone. so just do your job with no exceptions this time.

What the Adland is been after is the Holy Grain of Truth not FP7 Doha!

Picture 7

Published in Media Week ME 17th of May, 2009  issue. Page: 30.

Why is everyone shooting the messenger? what are you afraid of? what are you hiding? The media is easily distracting you from the core matter – forget about the identity of John Doh it is irrelevant; focus instead on finding the answers to the questions he raised. why is it that the action taken so far limited to FP7 Doha? and why is it taking the Lynx so long to reveal the results of its investigation into other agencies work?

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5 thoughts on “LET’S CUT THE BULL SHIT!

  1. Enough

    Well, a couple of things have become obvious over the last one week.
    The real John Doh.
    From the beginning all this had nothing to do with exposing scam ads or enforcing rules.
    Steve Lane and Dubai Lynx have lost all credibility by entertaining random online posts and not being able to put an end to this circus.

  2. Hush Hush

    Some rumours doing the rounds about Mr.Doh’s real identity. Seems he’s from Dubai. This looks like a knee-jerk attempt to distract. Don’t be surprised if he’s included some of his own work to be investigated.

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