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  1. Bob Ashwood

    Congratulation to Mr Al-Asfahani for his paper on Creative marketing. He’s right. I have been a creative director specialising in the real estate industry for many years (mainly in Australia – now based in UK) and the advice he gives is right on the money. The real estate industry can sometimes see ‘creativity’ as something Coca Cola might resort to, but not the property industry. Not so. I can assure you that powerful creative ideas have a major role to play in maximising return on property investments. In Sydney, my clients included Jones Lang Wootton (now LaSalles), LJ Hooker Commercial, Century 21, Elders Real Estate and First National. I achieved the highest closed tender in Sydney real estate history using a targeted mailing of a ‘board game’ which promised the opportunity to “Monopolise” an entire CBD. We used boxing gloves to fill a refurbed tower and one of the first interactive CD-Rom to sell luxury waterfront homes. Along with consistent brand identity and tone, creativity became the most important ingredient to our campaigns. Property is an exciting, charismatic commodity. Selling & buying it should be an equally dynamic experience. Focus on ideas is essential to remaining competitive. Challenge your thoughts. Maintain an edge and be willing to take a risk or two.

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