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Statement from the Organisers of the Dubai Lynx

27 May 2009 – Following the events of Dubai Lynx 2009, the organisers have been in consultation with industry leaders in the MENA region and beyond. To establish the way forward industry opinion has been gathered from both the organisers of Dubai Lynx and the IAA UAE board

Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, organisers of the Festival, said: “Dubai Lynx is not an art show, it is an advertising festival. For agencies to enter pieces of work that were not created for bona fide clients insults the hard-working international jury, and the other, honest, entrants. As organisers of many shows, such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Spikes Asia, we are determined that the MENA will have an awards show that is above reproach, hence this clarification and tightening of the rules for the Lynx Awards 2010.”

He added, “Over and above the rule changes, however, we of course reserve the right to penalise those that continue to blatantly disregard the rules and spirit of the event.”

Dr. Lance de Masi, President of the IAA UAE Chapter, provided the IAA’s reaction to the Lynx Statement:

“The Lynx organisers have reacted in a balanced and thoughtful way, preserving the essence of the Awards as an incentive and celebration of creativity, while providing deterrents to breaches in integrity. The onus is now on the industry to exercise discipline and to work within a universally recognised and required ethical framework.”

Based on the learnings and the insight gained from the Dubai Lynx experience, the following is a summary of the rule changes addressing the major concerns.

Entry Criteria/Rules

Currently, the rules require the name, title, phone number and email address of the client. In 2010, this will be expanded to include physical address and country details of the client. In addition, all completed entries will trigger an automated email to the client, asking them to confirm by return email that they are the brand owner, and that they give consent for the entry/campaign to be entered. If, after repeated attempts to contact the client, this cannot be ascertained, the entry will not be presented to the Jury.

Currently, the rules require information on the date of the first publication or airing of the work. In future, there will be a requirement for the names of the publication/Channel or Media that was used, the country it was run in, and the number of insertions or airings.

Currently, at the request of the jury, tear sheets and media schedules are demanded during and after judging where it is deemed necessary. In future, where extra proof is required, tear sheets and other proof of legitimacy may be requested before the judging. Should these not be forthcoming, the work will not be presented to the Jury.


One of the issues has been the complexities of the Outdoor category. As of 2010, this category is to be split into:

A – Outdoor
B – Ambient 
C – Poster

The poster section will come without size limitations, but work in Poster must not also have been used on more traditional outdoor sites.

Entrants will have to provide:

1) – Dimensions of submissions
2) – Locations of sites (if outdoor) or shops/malls (if poster)
3) – In the case of Outdoor categories, we will also require details of which provider was used (JC Decaux, Shoof, ENG etc)
4) – In the Poster categories, pictorial evidence showing the work in situ will be required.

In order to deter the practice of merely running a Print entry as a Poster and entering the same work twice in order to gain points towards Agency Of The Year, entries into Print that are also submitted into Poster (without revision of the creative) will only be eligible for the higher awarded marks in relation to Agency Of The Year. For instance, if a piece wins gold in Press and silver in Poster, the agency will carry only the 7 points for the Gold when Agency Of The Year is calculated, rather than 12 (7 for the Gold and 5 for Silver) as previously.

Copycat work

Proving plagiarism represents a significant challenge. In future, where there is an accusation of plagiarism, either during or after the judging, the Jury President will be presented with the evidence and will be able to, at his or her discretion, remove an award from a winning agency if he or she feels the accusation of plagiarism has merit.

Cultural issues

We are repeatedly told that the great strength of the Lynx is the outstanding International Juries we appoint. The downside of this is local knowledge of the region. Since The Lynx was launched, local, Arabic-speaking media experts have been present in the Jury rooms advising on cultural issues. Despite numerous examples of work that could not or would not be run in the region having been picked up by these individuals during judging, we will increase the seniority of these people, and also where we can, have a pre-screening of the work from a cultural perspective.

The success of the Lynx depends of course on rules that are not easily broken by those intent to do so, as well as an industry which is prepared to play on a level playing field. We feel sure that the events of 2009 and the subsequent changes we have made and actions we have taken will ensure that the integrity of the Lynx will be preserved going forward.

– Ends –

The 3rd Dubai International Advertising Festival incorporating the Dubai Lynx Awards, The Middle East and North Africa Advertising Awards for Creative Excellence, will be held mid March 2010 in Dubai, UAE.

Presented by Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival together with their regional partners, Motivate Publishing, the Dubai International Advertising Festival is held with the support of Dubai Media City (DMC) and in association with the UAE Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA). The 3rd Dubai International Advertising Festival will bring to the Middle East and North Africa a series of high profile seminars, workshops, exhibitions and screenings aimed at giving creative inspiration, learning and networking opportunities to the advertising and allied industries in the region. The 4th Dubai Lynx awards, which are part of the Festival, will honour creative excellence in TV/Cinema, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Direct Marketing (incorporating Sales Promotion), Media, Integrated and Interactive advertising. High-profile international jurors will award the coveted Dubai Lynx trophy to establish the definitive standard for creative excellence in the MENA region.

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Published in Media Week ME. May 2009.

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