The return of the star tribe


Client: Mitsubishi

Country: Kuwait – August, 2009.

Source: Mitsubishi: We Love You Thaaaat Much!


Featured in Al Rai daily Kuwaiti newspaper. Page: 24.

notice that both photos are from members of the Star Tribe.

I thought we were through with this phase, I thought I had exterminated these pirated stock images in Kuwait after exposing them in my previous research published in Awraq magazine back in 2004; however It seems some nostalgic Desk Top Publishers have made a come back and awakened them from their tomb. So be it. Here we go again.


Client: BKME (Bank of Kuwait & the Middle East)

Agency: Horizon FCB

Country: Kuwait

Awraq 2004001


Awraq 2004002

Awraq 2004003

Awraq 2004004

Awraq 2004005

Awraq 2004006

Teka Chicken 1-2

Client: Tikka Chicken

Country: Kuwait


Client: Al Anba daily newspaper

Country: Kuwait – published as a full page – full color on the 28th of April, 2008. Page: 4 (supplement).

Ikala Real Estate

Client: Al Eqalah Real Estate Company

Country: Kuwait


Client: Kamco

Country: Kuwait


Client: Jazz Fone (MTC Vodafone distributor)

Country: Kuwait


Client: NBK – National Bank of Kuwait

Agency: JWT – Kuwait

Country: Kuwait

Sofa House

Client: Sofa House

Country: Kuwait

Qortuba Furniture

Client: Qortuba Furniture

Country: Kuwait

Sarraf Computers-1Saraf Computers-1

Virgen-Dubai 1

Sarraf Computers1-1

Client: Sarraf Computers

Agency: Horizon FCB –  Kuwait

Country: Kuwait

Awraq 2004007

If advertising is to play a role in differentiating the client message from that of his competitor it makes perfect sense to avoid stock images of people dressed in local cloth when such shots can be photographed professionally right here in Kuwait for an affordable price. when a client is paying thousands of Kuwaiti Dinars on the media that is carrying the message and working with internationally affiliated agencies employing highly paid creative directors; surly then they can afford a photo session.

I think Sara Abdul Wahab Al Rifai made a long story short when she stated  and i quote her “copy, copy…you are in Kuwait…some well respected agency could come along and copy the same image for yet another client…and the market gets filled with the same copied image”. Sara’s strong statement on the status 0f creativity in Kuwait in 2004 still stands unchanged today as seen by the first example featured in this post by long standing agency.

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