4 thoughts on “message in the bottle is do not drink and drive”

  1. Well … as everyone knows … “there is NO alcohol in Kuwait” 🙂 so this idea would not be that appreciated here.

    There are so many other causes for accidents though … sadly 🙁 …

    SPEEDING would be in the top 10 …

    Maybe as an implementation of the idea for Kuwait we could
    create letters from the smashed cars… and with those letters spell on the side of the road … “SPEED” and other reasons for accidents … 🙂

    But then again … “THIS IS KUWAIT” … and an idea like that would cost a lot … take a lot of space … and wouldn’t bring any profit … not to mention that would be a BAD image for Kuwait … admitting in a way that it’s streets ARE WAY TOO FULL OF ACCIDENTS!!!! 🙂

  2. Hi there, I do agree that it is a lovely idea (that is the reason i posted it in the first place) however to copy it in Kuwait is to admit 1- That there is an alcohol problem 2- There is a lack of creativity problem 😉

  3. Hey Louai …

    Lovely idea … Mabrook for whoever thought of it first!

    Now even if it wouldn’t be very original … copying the first idea in Kuwait would definitely make a “bottle” full of smashed cars bigger than Hamra Tower …
    Just imagine it 🙂
    Maybe it’s something worth trying … at least to beat a World Guinness Book Record 🙂

    A skyscraper full of smashed cars … (bigger than Burj Khalifa maybe????)

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