Top 10 Signs You’re a Fontaholic

10. You spend more time looking at how the name of the car in front of you is written rather than where you’re going.
9. You have 3 or more fonts on your computer that are fantasy or science fiction languages/symbols that you can’t read, but hey… they look cool.
8. You’re the only one you know who thinks being able to have only a few HUNDRED fonts on Windows 98 is a problem.
7. You agonize for hours over which font to remove from your maxed-out system in order to install the cool new font you found today.
6. You visit a Font-of-the-Day site for two and a half months before finding a font you haven’t seen before.
5. You try to explain to your friends why you like fonts so much, and it only makes you sound geekier.
4. You truly believe Ray Larabie is a GOD.
3. You state with conviction that you can never have enough calligraphy fonts.
2. You don’t have any outline fonts on your computer when you already have their solid versions because the outline versions would only take space away for other fonts.
And the number one sign you’re a fontaholic:
1. You can often point out lettering you see in advertisements or logos by their font names; “Hey, that’s Colonial Uncial!”

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