a Masafi consumer’s point of view

Here is an interesting point of view presented to us by one of our regular visitors.

Stealing a logo, a campaign … there are so many types of STEALING …

Misleading a Client/Customer is STEALING too … Masafi Water …

If you agree to the above statement … have a look at the attached photo …
Hope the text is readable …
Feel free to use it on the blog.


4 thoughts on “a Masafi consumer’s point of view”

  1. I got a phone call today from the distributor of Masafi in which they clarified all matters pertaining to this post. I will post their supporting evidence so that the readers would have both sides of the story. In all fairness they took prompt action and will contact the person who had complained to clear any misunderstanding which is a very positive thing in my opinion, I hope that more organizations would take similar swift action.

  2. Hello again …

    I am really happy for a few reasons:

    1. I am happy that though Blog Anubis I managed to make myself herd and taken seriously regarding the Masafi problem that I pointed out in the attached photo.
    It is good to know that real links actually exist between the consumer (with his problems or questions with a certain product) and the manufacturer, producer or distributor.

    2. I am happy as well that Mr. Ibrahim, from Kuwait Proteins Co. (the official distributor of Masafi Water in Kuwait) personally contacted me, and was extremely generous to explain to me that “The Masafi Treasure Quest” was indeed a campaign made in 2009 in UAE, but because of the big success it had in the Emirates the same campaign was implemented in Kuwait in 2010.
    He was kind enough to send me photos with the fliers and banners containing the full details of the campaign plus photos of people that actually won big prizes in Kuwait. Also he reassured me that under no circumstances any company in Kuwait can cheat it’s clients by making a discount or a promotion without an official licensed approval from the Ministry of Commerce.

    I would like to thank both sides, Blog Anubis and Mr. Ibrahim from Kuwait Proteins Co. for taking interest and spending some time with a concerned customer’s problem. Thank you for clarifying this for me. You made me a happier consumer, that knows that there are people and companies that care about people that buy their products.

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