Three Kuwait Ministries ban DSLR cameras in public

Published November 23, 2010
According to the Kuwait Times, three Kuwaiti ministries have now banned the use of Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLRs) in public, leaving Kuwaiti camera owners at a loss as what they should do with their equipment.

The Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance have decided that photography should be used exclusively for journalism, according to the online news site. The cameras are now banned in malls, on streets and anywhere in public.

The Kuwait Times interviewed a local hobby photographer, Mohammed Al-Eisa, who told the publication that he has decided to take photos of animals or still life as they don’t mind getting their pictures taken in public and don’t cause a scene.

“I started facing problems the very first day I bought my camera,” the Kuwait Times quoted Al-Eisa as saying.

Another local Kuwait photographer, Mariam Al-Fodiry, has had similar issues, but because she is female, faces even more backlash, according to the Kuwait Times.

“Switching to abstract and landscape photography was one the options I considered after getting into enough trouble,” Al-Fodiry said.

A third Kuwait photographer Majed Al-Saqer tols the Kuwait Times that sometimes people stop him while he is in his car with his camera, as if he were planning to murder someone with it.

Al Saqer said he is not sure what the real problem is, whether it is people taking photos of each other or the size of the camera.

Source: Three Kuwait Ministries ban DSLR cameras in public

A few days later after Kuwait Times had published the above story and international media picked it up, Kuwait Times printed a retraction and  issued an apology. read below the story (part II).

No Kuwait ban on DSLRs says paper

Kuwait Times says Ministries never issued law prohibiting use o the cameras by the public

By Georgina EnzerPublished November 28, 2010

Kuwait Ministries have not banned DSLR cameras in the region, according to a retraction printed by the Kuwait Times.

The newspaper issued an apology after their story, released on November 20, was proven false. Further investigations by the Kuwait Times revealed that the Ministries of Information, Social Affairs and Finance never prohibited the use of DSLR cameras by the general public. The newspapers story claimed that amateur photographers were finding it hard to take photographs in public and some were switching to doing abstract and still life photography rather than taking photographs of people in public.

5 thoughts on “Three Kuwait Ministries ban DSLR cameras in public

  1. Anubis

    I think they should be worried more about the photographers with smaller cameras that are concealed just like the ones in Al Fanar mall elevators when most people do NOT know that security guys are watching them fixing or removing their head scarf or putting on make up or any of the things females would normally do when in front of a mirror and think they have some privacy. Think again, Fanar security cameras are fixed on you secretly but you can not carry your big DSLR in public!!!!!!

  2. Zahra

    Once I was taking photos with my Nikon fixed on tripod, outside Marina mall, in the basketball play yard…

    Security came and asked me to show them my permission…oki ..i just took my thing n left politely…

    the funny thing was young guys were also taking photos with regular sony cam,and they said NOTHING to them , NOTHING !!

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