Muammar Gaddafi in topical ad for lifebroker

The ad will run in tomorrow’s The Age, The Australian and Sun Herald.


Agency: McCann Melbourne
Creative Directors: Julius and Ethal Rosenberg
Planning Director: Felix
Group Account Director: John Bosley
Work Experience Kid: Haley Joel Osment




3 thoughts on “Muammar Gaddafi in topical ad for lifebroker”

  1. The ad tells me that Lifebroker are either very brave for accepting this artwork from their agency or very stupid for steering the wasps nest, anyone remember the aftermath of the cartoons mocking Islam by a Danish illustrator?

    From a pure creative point of view, I think it is minimalistic, witty (smile in the mind), attention grabbing complies with AIDCA & VIPS (visibility, identity, promise, single-minded) formulas but from a communication point of view (according to Shannon & Weaver communication model), the ad failed to communicate its intended message clearly, as the encoded message could be decoded in several ways other than originally intended.

    Most importantly, from a cultural point of view, it is morally insensitive and has racism connotations. A Big fail in my book.

  2. Did Gaddafi sign a model release form for his photo? What about the photographer who shot this picture? We do not want to promote plagiarism and copyright infringement in the name of creativity ;)

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