Copycat logo busted in recored time

The Original

Client: Bustan Al Wataniya

Agency: Paragon Marketing Communications

Designer: Konstantin Assenov

Country: Kuwait

Uploaded to logopond on: 4th of September, 2011.


The Copycat

Client: Media Gmbh

Designer: Unknown

Country: Unknown

Uploaded to logopond on: 14th of September, 2011.


In the age of the internet it took someone 10 days to copy our work but it only took us 2 hours to find out.

Lets put the facts into perspective, The Bustan Al Wataniya logo was created by Mr. Konstantin Assenov, a well respected professional who holds a MA (Masters of Arts) degree from the university of Sofia (Bulgaria), a Paragon team member who has won several local, regional and international creativity awards, Mr. Konstantin work is featured in several international books on advertising, graphic design and corporate identity. More importantly is the fact that the Bustan Al Wataniya logo  has been approved (and paid) by the client and has actually been published and registered legally in Kuwait and GCC countries while the copycat (uploaded 10 days after the original) is a “unused proposal”!!! and so are  most of his/her logos.

I am not surprised to see our work stolen (it is not the first time this happens nor will it be the last) as copying is the most truthful form of admiration however I am SHOCKED that did Nothing about this blatant plagiarism when they are supposed to be encouraging creativity they are protecting plagiarism by not taking action. I think they should remove this person entire work from the website as only God knows how many logos he has stolen and is arrogantly displaying on their site while mocking them.

NB. The Bustan Al Wataniya is only one company from a group of companies under the same holding group which commissioned Paragon Marketing Communications to design their full identity program 😉 here are some links about Mr. Konstantin and Paragon Marketing Communications to shed some additional light

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3 thoughts on “Copycat logo busted in recored time

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  2. climaxdesigns

    No one emailed me. I’d appreciate it if people would their due diligence before making these types of comments about logopond. I’m one man, cant keep up with all the logos uploaded by everyone much less match up logos every single time someone copies someone else. Everyone knows I have zero tolerance for type of behavior on my site a quick email would have solved this…

    1. Anubis

      We know you are only one man and we respect the work you are doing single handedly. your zero tolerance policy towards copycats is highly appreciated. Please remove the copycat from logopond and black list the plagiarizer for a year. DubaI Lynx faced a similar situation and took the course of action I have recommended to you otherwise you will lose the huge respect the designers have for your fabulous work so far.

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