4th Annual IAA-Dentsu Global Student Poster Competition – DEADLINE extended till March 16th 2012

BlogAnubis encourages students to participate in 4th Annual IAA-Dentsu Global Student Poster Competition on the theme of Sustainable Development.The competition is open to all undergraduate students studying advertising, marketing communications and design courses.  There is no entry fee and only one entry per student will be accepted.The global winner will receive a trophy, cash prize of USD $1,000 and the opportunity to present their work at the United Nations during the summer of 2012. A travel allowance of US$2,000 is included in the prize for those outside of New York.The second prize is US$500 and the third prize US$300.

Regional Finalists will receive trophies and all entrants will receive an IAA-Dentsu Global Student Poster Competition certificate.



The topic for this year’s challenge is SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. In its simplest context, Sustainable Development is growth that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of new generations to meet the needs of the future.

It is commonly understood as a process of learning how to make decisions that consider the long-term future of the economy, ecology and equity of all communities.  As US President Dwight D. Eisenhower said in 1959, “The world must learn to work together-or finally it will not work at all”.

The student challenge is to creatively communicate how Sustainable Development enables nature, life support and communities to be sustained with the ongoing development of people, economy and society.

Application forms and submission procedures are available onwww.iaaglobal.org/Education.  Or click here to download the Case Brief.

If you have any questions, please contact Nubia Martinez –nubia.martinez@iaaglobal.org.

About the IAA-Dentsu Global Student Poster Competition

The competition series officially launched in July 2008. Entries are invited from undergraduate students studying advertising, marketing communications and design course. Application forms and submission procedures will be available onwww.iaaglobal.org.  The competition will have a global jury of judges with representatives from Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and USA/Canada . The judging will be completed in March 2012.  The award ceremony will be held at the United Nations during summer 2012.  The awarded work will be used to create an international public service pro-bono campaign in support of the United Nations’ action on sustainable development.



The International Advertising Association is a not-for-profit organization established in 1938.  It is comprised of Corporate Members, Organizational Members, Educational Affiliates, as well as 56 chapters with individual members and young professionals from 76 countries including the top 10 economies in the world.


The IAA’s mission includes:

* Promoting the critical role and benefits of advertising as the vital force behind all healthy economies and the foundation of diverse, independent media.
* Providing a forum to debate emerging professional marketing communications issues and their consequences in the fast changing world environment.

* Promoting brand building, protecting and advancing the freedom of commercial speech and consumer choice.
* Encouraging greater practice and acceptance of advertising self-regulation.
* Taking the lead in state-of-art professional development through education and training for the marketing communications industry.
International Advertising Associationhttp://www.iaaglobal.org


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