Kalimat Magazine announces the sale of its first print issue

NEW YORK, April 13, 2012 – Arab thought and culture quarterly magazine Kalimat has announced that the first print issue is available for purchase at the Kalimat Shop. Single Issue purchases are $12.95 and a one year subscription is $65 and includes worldwide shipping. The first twenty-five subscribers will receive a limited edition tote-bag designed by Faris Habayeb. Kalimat launched an Indie GoGo campaign in late January to crowdfund this Spring 2012 issue, which is the first printed issue of the magazine. Kalimat will be distributed globally and will be available for purchase in bookstores and on magazine stands worldwide.

Kalimat is a media production company that features bold, engaging political analysis, design, film, fashion, music, cultural affairs and new media content. Going to print is an exciting step for the quarterly which provides an Arab perspective on international current affairs, culture, design and new media.
The 140 page issue is Kalimat’s Revolution Issue, marking one year since the Arab Spring began and cautiously reflecting on the immense change and renewal sweeping through the Arab world. Seeking to historicise the monumental events of the past eighteen months in the Arab world in fresh and interesting ways, this issue features pieces that focus on the current state of revolutionary fervour around the Arab world and how things have arrived to the present state of affairs. Articles include conversations with leading cultural producers across the Arab region and diaspora including a piece on alternative Syrian theatre, the Berber Spring, Morocco’s muffled movement and an analysis of the political poster. Regular content like Kalimat’s engaging film and book reviews, design reports, and an interview with Project Runway fashion designer Rami Kashou and Oscar nominated filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb is also featured.

Kalimat remains a platform for Arab cultural creatives to engage in thought and action around ideas, people and business moving the world forward. Thus, giving readers pages to turn, something to hold on to, and a magazine that will live in their shelves has become a foremost goal for Kalimat.

Kalimat’s Podcast “Isma3oo” has also released its 5th edition and is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Previous issues of Kalimat Magazine can be viewed online at www.kalimatmagazine.com.

About Kalimat Magazine
Kalimat Magazine is committed to rejuvenating Arabic culture by providing an outlet for political, cultural and social expression within the Arab region and its Diaspora. At the same time, it is a visual communication tool that serves to change prevalent perception of Arabs. The purpose is to be an open outlet for expression and to increase participation within the cultural/creative scene, providing a platform for Arab cultural creatives to engage in thought and action around ideas, people and business moving the world forward. Therefore, the content is created by Arab people from around the world, the writers are Arab, the editors are Arab, the people featured are Arab.

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