Euro RSCG Morocco stinking copycat from the last century

“While most of the agencies are trying to define the future of the ad industry, some agencies are still recycling ideas from the last century…” – Joe Lampompe.

Shoe deodorant – 1998
Source : Cannes Archive,
Agency : McCann (Brazil)

AlpenArena – 2003
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Director : Leo Burnett Zurich (Switzerland)

Enough walking? Auto loans Eqdom– 2011
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency : Euro RSCG Casablanca (Morocco)

Source of all three examples: Idea from the last century / Coup de pompes

These ads follow in the foot steps of the washing machine ads with the cloths hanging out as a tongue.

Here is a twist on the same “Original” and “Creative” idea….

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