The Far Out Cafe’

Graphic, brutal and honest. The Far Out Café is packed with action, mind boggling tale of survival and a journey for self-fulfillment. Stuart Chambers is a TV producer, director, story teller and an unexpected but surprisingly engaging writer.

The Far Out Cafe is full of characters and events: a blues singer, a Cuban called Guerrero and another called Compay, with his head full of conspiracy theories, ‘Birdmen,’ a chapel dating back to the 2nd century, an isolated island, a pack of marauding sharks; one of mythical proportions, a psychotic Soviet called the Generali, a barbaric guard called Rusanov and his syphilitic assistant, Yefrem.

This is not merely a story about the atrocities of war. It’s a story about who Daniel meets when he has been left for dead on one of the most isolated islands in the world; a boy called Angel and a girl called Beth. It’s about the way we live our lives and what happens when we place our Faith in God when things go horribly wrong. It’s a savage yet tenderly lyrical story about an unforgiving time and indestructible love. I set the story in the late sixties because it was easier to draw the contrasts and parallels with today’s world. The spiritual subtext is constant. It’s a very simple story about faith and trust in life and finding light in dark places.



Stuart is the author of ‘The Far Out Cafe‘ available from Waterstones, W. H Smith, Barnes & Noble & Amazon. Contact Stuart;

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  1. 1 david popescu
    October 5, 2012 at 7:25 pm


    What is truly amazing about The Far Out Cafe is that, for a first novel, it doesn’t read anything like a first novel. It’s clearly the work of someone with something to say and not the typical, formulaic, out of the pages formatting from a ‘how to write a book’ book. The main character’s name is not ‘cleverly’ part of the title.

    The entire time I read this book I kept asking myself, where is this story coming from? It’s so dark and yet so full of hope, it is a smelly and confusing as real life is and is that not the whole point of a good novel, to present real life to you in a way you haven’t looked at it?

    The first half of the book is bloody, brutal warfare. Genuinely terrifying and sickening in it’s detail, but it’s honest, it isn’t shock value, it needs to be told that way. If the author Stuart Chambers hasn’t been in jungle warfare personally then he has the greatest insight into human understanding that I have come across in ages.

    Then the second half is life after that war, the war is essentially dropped. Yes, that is how life is. There are no poetic revisitations, life is a string of events that we instil meaning on and the book reflects that so well. And yet the second half is filled with spirituality, and it’s hazing, confusing, like genuine spirituality. I’m left reading it making my connections, as the character is.

    Again, this is a book written by someone with something to say, because they had a story that needed to be told, not someone trying to scam a living at making popular garbage. This is a unique story that does away with the same old tired themes and literary conventions that we are awash in. I read one criticism that the book doesn’t follow traditional conventions. All I can say to that is go back to Oprah and ask her for a nice book to read while you wait in the dentist’s office. This book is for the rest of us.

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