Bates Pan Gulf Kuwait wins with a doctored scam ad at the 2013 Dubai Lynx

Once again an inspiring fact in the words of passionate creatives, I couldn’t have stated it better myself “Scam ads -Are unethical. It’s fraud. You’re cheating against me, us, your peers. You are basically padding your resume, not very different to using steroids in baseball, falsifying sources in journalism, or faking a test. It’s wrong, plain and simple. -Damages brands. In the digital age, unapproved communications can fly around the internet causing a PR nightmare. This also sets up a ripe opportunity for libel suits. -Lots of awards mean better jobs. Unfortunately, this is true. There are too many egotisical rockstars who’ve gotten those jobs based on faking it, at the expense of the many talented people who haven’t needed to fake it and who do the real work. Yes, there is a role for outlandish ballsy risktakers. But there should not be a role for unprofessional cheaters. -Creates a false sense of talent and ability for agencies. Creativity is one thing. Being able to make it for a real brand is another. An agency that wins tons of awards but who’s real work is less than stellar really is only fooling themselves. Sadly though, they also end up attracting talent who will be disappointed with the real output. Same with the clients who thing that are getting a great agency. If they’re willing to fake their entires, what about timesheets, billings, etc? What’s the line when it comes to professional ethics? -Ruins the process and creative department’s overall credibility. Award shows should celebrate the best work that gets produced. That’s our job. That’s the hard part. If you can’t make a good scam ad with no brief, then frankly, you must suck. If you’ve ever worked with CD who’s built a career on scam, you’ll see how hard it is for them to create great work with real briefs. Talented as they are, they often fail to do what their job is – sell. Creativity and selling go hand in hand in this thing we call advertising, and that should be rewarded. Scam doesn’t ‘raise the bar’ of creativity. It lowers it. And lowers the credibility of the people, agencies and shows who promote it”.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 3.58.21 AM


Agency: Bates Pan Gulf

Creative Director:

Advertiser: Behbehani motors

Country: Kuwait

Entrant BPG KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Type of Entry: Magazine
Type of Entry: Print
Product/Service: ROAD SAFETY
Entrant Company : BPG KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Advertising Agency : BPG KUWAIT Kuwait City, KUWAIT
Name Position
Bipin Jacob Creative Director
Bipin Jacob Copywriter
Muhyi Sadek/Khalid Ul Haq Art Director
Venu Gopal Photographer
Bashar Al Hammad Account Manager

The above ad which won Bronze in the Print category of the 2013 Dubai Lynx was probably publishes only once (for free in some low circulation magazine) at best, a fact that can easily be checked by checking with IPSOS media research (one of the festival sponsors/supporters) through their MOMO service (Monthly Monitoring).

I know three facts about this work; 1- that this ad does NOT even comply with the VW corporate identity manual/template.

2- The dealer strap line is doctored out!!! all VW ads in Kuwait MUST have the Behbehani logo, showroom details, et. 3- The same agency has been trying every year since the inception of Dubai Lynx to win with a scam ad but was always blocked by Anubis and the organizers, i think this year they finally got a way. I should know a thing or two about VW in Kuwait as I worked with them for two year VW – The new Touareg launched in Kuwait

This is how the template looked like in real life The big idea vs the cliche’



They also entered a doctored version of this ad…but here is how it originally appeared…

طوارق 2012 … نعتذر عن الغبار


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