Powering Down the Power 150

As of July 15th, 2013, Ad Age has shut down the Power 150 service. While you’ll still be able to view our final rankings, they will not be updated in the future. We will also no longer be accepting new blogs. If your blog was waiting to be accepted, we won’t be reviewing it for inclusion. For the time being, you can still search the list and download an OPML file of all the current blogs.

Why are we shutting it down? Since we took over the list from Todd Andrlik in 2007, conversations on marketing have broadened their reach well beyond personal blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other places. If blogging lowered the barrier to entry, social media obliterated it. Because of that, and with more holistic influence measurement tools like Klout, the Power 150 is less relevant and powerful than it was six years ago.

And in practical terms, with social media APIs ever-changing and new sources of data appearing at a regular clip, we’ve decided to put our resources into interactive data projects like our Viral Video Charts or our YouTube Channel Tracker.

For fans of the service over the years, we thank you for joining us and providing so much valuable feedback and enthusiasm. To wrap things up, we thought we’d let Todd Andrlik, original creator of the list, have the last word. His comments — and a plug for his new book — are below.

RIP Power 150 (2007-2013)

After six years of ranking media and marketing blogs, the Power 150 has closed its doors. Thank you to all 1100+ bloggers who accompanied us on this journey.

I originally launched the Power 150 in January 2007. The ranking enjoyed early success, quickly rising to become the most comprehensive and definitive barometer of industry blogs. It was widely cited in books, bios, blogs and mainstream media, including Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal. It also inspired dozens of similar lists across numerous industries.

Sadly though, reliable third-party metrics came and went, and the Power 150 struggled to sustain a dependable measurement mix. Through the years, our algorithm featured the likes of Bloglines, Alexa, Technorati, StumbleUpon, PageRank, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Yahoo! Funny, the only consistent measurement over the six years was the subjective one – Todd Points.

It’s not all bad news though. While the Power 150 is coming to an end, another one of my creations is just taking off. My first book — “Reporting the Revolutionary War: Before It Was History, It Was News” — published in November 2012 and has since been named one of the Best Books of 2012 by Barnes & Noble and Best American Revolution Book of 2012 by the New York American Revolution Round Table. Coincidentally, I started working on my book shortly after Ad Age took over the Power 150. The volume is one that media and marketing professionals can appreciate for the juxtaposition of new and old media (in this case, 250-year-old media). At a time of major media evolution and the debated death of the printed newspaper, my book takes readers on a fascinating stroll through the American Revolution and founding via colonial newspapers — the only mass media of the day. For more information, click beforehistory.com.

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