What to Expect From Web Design in 2016

Submitted by: Brian Jens

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In 2015, DesignContest noted some trends emerging in the design: “codeless” platforms, parallax, one-page website etc. Although many design trends are just one-day influences, some of them are crucial for the industry. The growing range of gadgets requires constant adaptation of design technologies to meet changes occurring in web design.

Let’s unveil the curtain of secrecy over 2016 and look at the main prospects awaiting us.

Automation of Page-proof

The web development had always been a divided labor: designers worked over appearance while encoders aimed to make everything run properly.  But it got somehow changed since the tools for web design are getting more functional, more ambitious and smarter.

Today you don’t even need to write a single line of a code to get the functionality needed.  We’re witnesses of a paradigm shift in which entry barrier for designers lowers, and every performer can concentrate just on his direct work.

So today, while designers are focused on the quality of their projects, algorithms behind the selected platform become smarter and smarter to ensure the actuality of the design solution performed. Of course, the need for web programmers will never disappear, but their responsibility is gradually changed.

Video Guides

No matter how large is the scale of your business – if should follow the trend of creating your own video instructions. The main aim of such guides is to demonstrate the principle of operating of your product and services along with all its advantages.

As practice shows, when scrolling through your website, a visitor could still not get the idea of the functioning of the product. Unlike text information, movies convey important things in a few minutes.

Real-Time Previews

The design of promotional pages is something that develops incredibly fast due to the increase of Internet speed and browser capabilities. By adding real-time previews of the products to home or promotional pages, you’ll be able to attract additional visitors and force them to make a target action. Preview will also help you to introduce a product or service in the best light, highlighting its advantages and hiding possible disadvantages.

Collaboration Tools

Instant messaging and group chats exist for over a decade. However, these resources have traditionally relied on the simple text with some abilities to attach files.

The new trend is the ability to share “living” design documents through the chat applications. For example, Notable is a great sample of application where annotations and comments may be layered on top of the document. Another example is Slack – the most popular application for the chat, which supports the same functions.

The growing user base has created extensions that significantly improve Slack opportunities and connect it with other products, such as MailChimp, Hangouts, and WordPress.

Touch Interface

Smartphone browsers have always supported touch feature on all website to ensure backward compatibility. But now there are many other plug-ins and custom functions that are added to the websites for a specific purpose – touch processing.

Haven’t heard about this? Then try to use such plug-ins as Dragend.js, or Photoswipe.com to process swipe and tap on the touch-displays.

2016 will be a year, responsive to the touch.

Merciless Colors

Flat design, now called flat 2.0, is popular for quite a long time. In 2016, a color palette will play much more attention. Today, the Internet is replete with bright colors that look good both on a cartoon and on elegant minimalist websites where color is one of the main design components. Today and in the near future, we will see more and more brightly colored websites.

To understand what’s going on in the field of web design, you should be aware of all internet news. People like the same colors that are represented in, for example, their clothing or interior design. At the end, the result of using the same color in different areas of design should be an emotional connection with the audience. Using a proper color palette, you can create a strong connection to a person, no matter whether a bag or a home page is promoted.

  • Bright colors have become so attractive because they can be used in different ways, as well as they can style a lot of different website elements. Universal bright patterns literally buried earlier popular plug-and-play pattern.
  • Bright colors improve visual communication. Different shades of the same color in the menu emphasize the affiliation of all menu items to each other.
  • Bright colors are moving smoothly to the professional level, less and less associating with “fool” colors. By no means, it could be called a coincidence that today bright colors become extremely popular. In fact, this popularity can be attributed to two major events in the world of design: high-quality images and flat design. An increasing number of pixels per inch allows using more and more various colors. Up to the date, there are more than a million of safe colors.

The popularity of flat design began to grow after the Retina displays had become less available. It’s also not a coincidence. Flat design was the product of new technologies as well, but its appearing led to a reverse reaction.

The Conclusion, or what’s the Main Trend for 2016

Don’t follow the trend simply because it’s in fashion and everyone is doing so. Trends are popular tools for a reason, but make sure they suit your audience before applying them. For example, a commercial site won’t be successful if it will be presented in a form of a single-page website with endless scrolling.

Trends are nothing more than additional tools in your designer kit. So always choose the right tools for the job!


Brian Jens is a blogger on DesignContest.com, a freelancer, and a designer. His passions are modern technologies, market novelties, and, of course, creative designs.

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