Hiii Brand removes shameless copycat logo

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In every design and creative competition, talentless individuals copy the work of others and try to scam their way into winning and depriving true creativity from shining, which is sad but what is worse is the fact that some award organizers even when they are alerted to such incidents do not do anything about it!!! this is not the case with Hiiibrand. After i brought to the attention of Hiiibrand (with facts) that one of the entries into their international logo design competition is a shameless copy cat, they responded promptly by disqualifying and removing the copy cat logo from the competitions as well as addressing this matter to the culprit. Thank you Hiiibrand for your cooperation, swift action and integrity.

Hosted by Louai Alasfahani

The Voice Behind the Camera: Diana Dimitrova

Reactions & Definitions : Hakim Al Shanfari

Shooting & Editing: Tyrone Usana | Paragon International

Locations : Sofia, Bulgaria and Muscat, Oman

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