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S.O.B.’s are everywhere

Rondon Fernandes, is a Brazilian ad copywriter ( who makes cartoons in his spare time. One of his favorites heroes is called FDP (S.O.B.) Son of b… or in Brazilian portuguese Filho da p…. It’s a visual translation of the expression. And since there’re S.O.B. everywhere, even in the ad industry, there’re sketches about creatives, accounts, directors etc.

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It took Lowe MENA four years to copy Paragon Marketing Communications awarded work

Client: Mix FM

Agency: Paragon Marketing Communications

Creative Director: Louai Alasfahani

Country: Kuwait

Year: 2008

Advertising Agency: Lowe MENA, Dubai
Creative Director: Marwan Saab
Art Directors: Pramod Surwase, Prashant Yeware
Copywriter: Marwan Saab
Account Handlers: Maram Salah
Executive Business Director: Irfan Fatmi

Country: UAE – Dubai

Year: 2012

Global voice roaming

JWT Dubai Hits the break on creativity and accelerates copy cat ads

“Ok this example is not brand new, but it’s quite stunning. Is it a “clear” case of parallel thinking or a speed copycat? Who knows… one thing is sure : the 2 ideas and executions are very very similar.” – Joe Lepompe.

New Honda Storm – 2007
Tagline : “With high poerformance brake system”
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Euro RSCG Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Mercedes C-Class – 2008
Headline : “With brake assist system BAS Plus” 
Source : Dubaï LYNX BRONZE
Agency : JWT Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: A sharp lookalike / Une nette ressemblance!

Drive Dentsu Lebanon takes peace of mind for Toyota from VW France

“If you look at it on the peaceful side… it’s a funny coïncidence. If you’re not that much into the happy hippy kind of mood you could call this an intentional recycling or even worse : a nasty copycat.”

Volkswagen Cars – 1992
Headline : “For Peace / Peace of mind”
Source : French Art Directors Club
Agency : DDB Paris (France)

Toyota Motors Company – 2011
Headline : “Peace / Peace of mind”
Source : Outdoor Inspiration@jbledivelec and Beyrut Drive By (photo)
Agency : Drive Dentsu (Lebanon)

Source of both examples: Peace, love and copycat? / Paix en cascade

Ice-age copycat found at MEMAC Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

“Same advertizer, same idea… but different agencies. Do you think that recycling an existing concept could be considered as an eco-friendly process? I think that it’s wasted time (photoshoot, photoshop, printing), energy and money which at the end is not so eco-friendly.”

Greenpeace Switzerland – 2009
Source : Edi Award “special prize”
Agency : Spinas CH (Switzerland)

Greenpeace Turkey  – 2012
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: Polar bear looking like ice floe / Ça jette un froid?

DDB Dubai Wrinkled Copycat

Perri Alley Shirts – 2009
Source : Coloribus
Agency : 1pointsize Chennai (India)

Vernel Detergent – Laundry Softener – 2011
Source : Cannes Lions SHORTLIST
Agency : DDB Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: The Flat Truth / Plié en quatre

Bates Pangulf Taxi finally reached Dubai after five years in Portugal

“There’s no need to drink abusively … to see double. Another Cannes Bronze Lion totally ripped of! Anyway, this kind of copycat/coïncidence “drive” them directly to”

Antral Taxi Company  / Anti Drink and Drive – 2007
Source : Cannes BRONZE LIONDraftFCB website
Agency : DraftFCB Lisbon (Portugal)

Mahiki Night Club / Anti Drink and Drive – 2012
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Bates Pangulf (UAE)

Source of both examples: Fake Taxi Signs / En voiture pour Joe La Pompe!

Golden Award of Montreux deadline extended till March 30th, 2012 – Students/young talent participate free of charge

Students can play an active role at Montreux with the Swiss Media Talent Award.

All students and young talents are invited to take part, individual or as a team, at this international competition free of charge.

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Dubai Lynx 2012 Episode two – politically incorrect – MEMAC OGILVY & MATHER Dubai agency of the year, second place

I was born in Kuwait, worked in Kuwait, KSA, Dubai and Oman and I am yet to see ads featuring international political figures featuered in the local media let alone with sexual gestures!!! one more thing if such practices are not tabu then why not make it more relevent and feature local or Arab political leaders 😉  Seriously now…where and when were these ads published? No one is questioning the creativity of the concepts (as it is very much a subjective matter according to most critiques) nor is anyone questioning the quality of execution. What is being questioned is the legitimacy of participating with ghost ads (ads that never ran or ads that ran once due to loopholes in the awards criteria) and if they should be allowed to compete with real ads (ads that ran for real, for real clients without any special doctoring  for the awards). In my personal view the playing field should be leveled and everyone should play by the rules. It is not accepted to win by any means and take the industry for granted, risk the reputation of the award organizers (as happened in the Dubai Lynx scandal also known as the Lynx Gate). Winning by cheating has a snowball effect, they win, then publicize their win thorough PR and Advertising campaigns, which attracts more clients (depriving you from a fair chance at winning business). Your friends in the industry risk becoming redundant while copycats are get promoted and earn the big bucks as a result of either ignorance of their management or consent of their upper management!!! The following campagin won three Gold Print at the 2012 Dubai Lynx and was shortlisted in LIA in 2011!!! Here is a related link which I blogged sometime back Politically incorrect creativity Do you think the countries that censor these ads Spot the differences will not censor the above ads? or the county that promotes this playboy will allow the above ads to be published in the print media yet alone the outdoor media?  Did anyone see them published? remember the Samsung Jesus ad in Lebanon 😉 here is a reminder enough is enough Source: OBAMA/CLINTON and CAMERON and PUTIN and Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 1.04.39 PM It also won Gold in the Outdoor at the Dubai Lynx 2012 while shortlisted in LIA in 2011!!! Source: OBAMA/CLINTON and CAMERON and PUTIN and Entrant: Memac Ogilvy & MatherDubaiReporters Without Borders

“Obama/Clinton”, “Cameron”, ” Putin
Credits Corporate Name of Client: Reporters Without Borders Client Account Director: Alexander Jalbert Agency Account Director: Benoit Freyburger Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai Executive Creative DirectorSteve Hough Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran CopywriterSascha Kuntze Art DirectorsLeonardo Borges/Rafael Rizuto/ Sascha Kuntze Photography Studio: AFP

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Dubai Lynx 2012 Episode one – clone wars – The film grand prix was awarded to Elephant Cairo for its ‘Ping Pong‘ campaign for Kalbaz

I really do not know where or how to begin. Every year the same sad story, a few classroom clowns think it is funny to ruin the only advertising festival of merit in the MENA region by entering copycat, spoof and cliché work in the hope that something slips by the judges and unfortunately it sometimes happens but when it does I take action with the aid of a network of passionate professionals. So let the games begin and let the truth shine.

Please look at the posting date of the clip ( zanzun 82 in ali ali’s youtube channel ) it was posted on the day of the Dubai Lynx shortlist, perhaps fearing that if posted erlier he might get some heat from his client 😉 who refused it 🙂 or from the advertising scene in cairo who could have notified lynx before the show 😉

Uploaded by  on Aug 7, 2007

TITLE: “Touch”
BRAND: Skittles
AGENCY: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

The “BIG idea” behind the Grand Prix winning work for Kalbaz (at best) is “homage” with a twist to Skittles”everything i touch turns into” which at a core level is inspired by the “Midas touch”
The similarity is obvious.
Now look at the posting date (Feb 9, 2010) of the McDonalds TVC’s that won two bronze in the film category in 2012 !!!!!!!!!
Source: FAMILY FEUD and SHOWER and