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What to Expect From Web Design in 2016

Submitted by: Brian Jens

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In 2015, DesignContest noted some trends emerging in the design: “codeless” platforms, parallax, one-page website etc. Although many design trends are just one-day influences, some of them are crucial for the industry. The growing range of gadgets requires constant adaptation of design technologies to meet changes occurring in web design.

Let’s unveil the curtain of secrecy over 2016 and look at the main prospects awaiting us.

Automation of Page-proof

The web development had always been a divided labor: designers worked over appearance while encoders aimed to make everything run properly.  But it got somehow changed since the tools for web design are getting more functional, more ambitious and smarter.

Today you don’t even need to write a single line of a code to get the functionality needed.  We’re witnesses of a paradigm shift in which entry barrier for designers lowers, and every performer can concentrate just on his direct work.

So today, while designers are focused on the quality of their projects, algorithms behind the selected platform become smarter and smarter to ensure the actuality of the design solution performed. Of course, the need for web programmers will never disappear, but their responsibility is gradually changed.

Video Guides

No matter how large is the scale of your business – if should follow the trend of creating your own video instructions. The main aim of such guides is to demonstrate the principle of operating of your product and services along with all its advantages.

As practice shows, when scrolling through your website, a visitor could still not get the idea of the functioning of the product. Unlike text information, movies convey important things in a few minutes.

Real-Time Previews

The design of promotional pages is something that develops incredibly fast due to the increase of Internet speed and browser capabilities. By adding real-time previews of the products to home or promotional pages, you’ll be able to attract additional visitors and force them to make a target action. Preview will also help you to introduce a product or service in the best light, highlighting its advantages and hiding possible disadvantages.

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Review of Famous Company Logos: How The Big Business Uses The Emotional Power of Logos


Alex HillsbergSubmitted by  and Chris Sibbet

Golden arches. Swoosh. Mouse ears. You know what they mean. Some logos are so powerful that they don’t need to spell out their names, or that they transcend cultural borders. How can these simple, trivial little artworks inspire global familiarity with so many of them having become iconic? Because they’re not trivial or simple.

Iconic logos are masters of subtleties and understatements. In the infographic below, we learn that logos carry sublime color meanings. Do you ever wonder why some logos are bright yellow and some red? Why luxury brands are usually black, white, or brown, while corporate logos are blue?

We know it’s not set in stone, but colors can evoke a specific emotional response from us. Red means active, yellow is energetic, blue is reliable, green is nature, etc. In fact, it doesn’t stop at the obvious; researchers at the University of Rochester in New York believe red can actually “keep us from performing our best on tests.”

Moreover, logos may already be playing with your subconscious at a much earlier stage of your life. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that children 2-3 years old could already recall a logo and the product it represents in 67% of cases.

Logos also create value. Interbrand’s 14th Best Global Brand reported that there’s a new number one brand in the world last year: Apple. Coke was defeated for the first time after thirteen consecutive years of dominating the prestigious list.

Many companies will stop at nothing to create the perfect logo. Even to the tune of millions of dollars as part of their branding. The new Pepsi logo was so expensive to create that the agency thought it should justify the million-dollar cost with a lecture on Da Vinci diagrams, yin-yangs, and Mobius strips. On the other end, some popular logos like Twitter and Google cost almost next to nothing!

It’s an interesting world of logos we have here. Far from puny, arbitrary doodles, they are calculated, big business strategy with one thing in mind: that you remember them in your sleep.




Powering Down the Power 150

As of July 15th, 2013, Ad Age has shut down the Power 150 service. While you’ll still be able to view our final rankings, they will not be updated in the future. We will also no longer be accepting new blogs. If your blog was waiting to be accepted, we won’t be reviewing it for inclusion. For the time being, you can still search the list and download an OPML file of all the current blogs.

Why are we shutting it down? Since we took over the list from Todd Andrlik in 2007, conversations on marketing have broadened their reach well beyond personal blogs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other places. If blogging lowered the barrier to entry, social media obliterated it. Because of that, and with more holistic influence measurement tools like Klout, the Power 150 is less relevant and powerful than it was six years ago.

And in practical terms, with social media APIs ever-changing and new sources of data appearing at a regular clip, we’ve decided to put our resources into interactive data projects like our Viral Video Charts or our YouTube Channel Tracker.

For fans of the service over the years, we thank you for joining us and providing so much valuable feedback and enthusiasm. To wrap things up, we thought we’d let Todd Andrlik, original creator of the list, have the last word. His comments — and a plug for his new book — are below.

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First Ever Wedding Exhibition in Khartoum Promotes Cultural Unity



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 2013: In celebration of its 5th anniversary, Corinthia Hotel Khartoum, a five-star luxury property that has established itself as the premiere luxury hotel in the city, proudly launched last week the first ever Wedding Exhibition in Khartoum. This breakthrough initiative by the five star property has brought together 2000 visitors over its four-days forum, resulting in increased business for local entrepreneurs and businesses as well as attracting investors from the wedding and events industry from the GCC.

Weddings in Khartoum, as in many countries around the world are happy occasions that can bring cultural unison in a society. Corinthia Hotel Khartoum’s decision to launch this unique four-day Wedding Exhibition follows a clear vision from the hotel’s management to contribute to the economic development of the hotel as well as supporting the country’s economy by attracting foreign investors.

With the generous sponsorship from Samsung, Zain and Marsland Airlines, as well as the support of other quality partner exhibitors during the fair, the prestigious property Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, sitting on the confluence of the Blue and White Nile, has opened its doors to local residents and also foreigners to make the best use of the beautiful and elegant hotel and its lush, landscaped gardens for weddings and events.

“We are highly satisfied with the large turnout at the fair and we feel that we have successfully achieved our main aims, which were to welcome residents and foreigners alike into our luxurious hotel to present to them the unique possibility of experiencing this unique event in their life onto the property’s luxurious premises”.

“Another objective was to bring together under one roof wedding organisers, health and beauty experts and other specialists required to organise a wedding to help them develop their business and we have fruitfully contributed to this”, added Mr Nicholas Borg, General Manager of the hotel.

Corinthia Hotel Khartoum has generously introduced a special package during the fair to couples who decide to have their wedding ceremony at the hotel. The couples receive a delicious wedding cake for free and best of all, complimentary nights in the specially designed honeymoon suites of the hotel.

For more information about Corinthia Hotel Khartoum, please visit:

Leading Middle East media group Mediaquest acquires AME Info and SME Info websites from Top Right Group

Mediaquest Final Logo 2012 small AMEInfo Logo 2

Dubai, UAE – June 5, 2013: Mediaquest, a leading media company in the Middle East and North Africa, has acquired AME Info and SME Info websites, two of the region’s leading business outlets for news and information. The sites attract more than 2.4 million unique users monthly. Commercial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The agreement was signed by Alexandre Hawari, co-CEO of Mediaquest, who said:

“The acquisition of both the AME Info and SME Info websites are in line with our growth strategy and commitment to strengthening the position of regional publications. We are delighted to have another feather in our business publications cap.”

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I Confess. I Cheated.


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You’re in school taking the most important and hardest class you’ll ever take.  There’s a lot of pressure because if you make an A you’ll be guaranteed a job.  A B might get you the job depending on how everyone else in the class does.  But you’re pretty confident because you’ve worked harder than your classmates.

First test you make a B.  A few of your classmates make Cs and Ds but the majority make As, and you wonder how they did that.  Soon, you hear that one of your classmates has a copy of all the semester’s tests, obtained perhaps by cleverly hacking into the professor’s computer.  The ones who are cheating ask if you’d like to come over and “study” with them for the next test.  You decline because you don’t want to be a cheater.

You study more than you did for the last test because you know you have to just to keep up.  You end up with a B plus.  They make As again.  They’re contacted by job recruiters.  You are not.  Even some of the ones who made Cs and Ds on the first test are now making As, moving you closer to the bottom of the pack.  You’d like to tell on them, but you have no proof.  Besides, that would really tick off the whole group, and they pretty much detest you anyway for your goody-two-shoes routine.

You do what you have to.  You join them.  You make your A.  You get the job.  You’re financially independent and so happy about that.  You get married and have kids, whose piano and tennis lessons you can pay for thanks to that good job.  Your family is happy.  No regrets.  You and your college buddies laugh about that class years later.

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Paragon Bulgaria operations manager to head Paragon Kuwait

arab times  jan20 2013

jan 20 2013

The internationally awarded branding agency, Paragon Marketing Communications; celebrated for innovative and disruptive work shaking up the industry, has kicked off its New Year by locally infusing new blood throughout its agency ranks coupled with top management restructuring in the Paragon independent network as Ivan Totev Paragon’s Bulgaria operations manager takes the helm at Paragon Kuwait while his predecessor Diana Geroge leads Paragon Oman.  Marzouq Jassem Al Marzouq and Louai Alasfahani both remain as founding partner/chairman and founding partner/chief creative officer respectively.

Ivan Totev launched his carrier as a copywriter and swiftly honed his skills at international agencies in Bulgaria such as: Bates, Ogilvy&Mather and Saatchi&Saatchi, where he held the position of managing director prior to joining Paragon, the fastest growing independent agency in the region.  Ivan’s rich experience extends beyond the telecom, retail, financial and FMCG sectors which he is most passionate about having worked for the last 15 years for some of the Balkan’s (Eastern European) mega brands in his specialized fields of integrated marketing communications, branding, new business development and consultancy.

Ivan stated, ”Kuwait’s local advertising industry is highly developed yet highly price sensitive; a fact that continues to fascinate thereby propelling Paragon’s upward trajectory through deep understanding of its client’s brand-values, markets, competitors and delivering more than just creative designs as advertising solutions but equally important, campaigns that have measurable results and real direct impact on business profits through pushing sales upwards”.  He added, “Paragon’s lead position is maintained by fuelling its creative renaissance by utilizing graphic design as a business strategy in an independent network corporate culture operating in three markets namely Kuwait, Bulgaria and Oman with plans to expand to other GCC countries in the very near future”.

Both Ivan Toteve and Louai Alasfahani had the privilege of being mentored by Misa Lukic President of the Management Board & Co-owner at MMS Communications/Publicis Group Serbia (Leo Burnett,Publicis,Saatchi).

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Dubai Lynx rules changed


The Dubai Lynx has changed the rules for the 2013 media agency of the year title, allowing only media agencies to win the award, Campaign ME has reported. Under the new rules, advertising agencies, clients and media owners can continue to enter and win a media Lynx, but the involvement of the media agency or media department is now a mandatory field on the entry form, with the media agency and not the creative agency being allocated points towards the media agency of the year title. “The reality is that the media category should reward tactical media planning and placement and these changes will reflect that,” said Terry Savage, chairman of Lions Festivals, organiser of the Lynx.



Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 11.54.38 AM

Above screen shot from Dubai Lynx 2012 website.