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Lettering Large, a new book by Steve Heller and Mirko ilic

Steve Heller and Mirko ilic have just came out with a
new book called Lettering Large. It is one of the first books to chronicle letters as presences in the urban landscape. There are examples culled from sites across the US and throughout the world.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.57.44 PM

The book contains over 700 images of monumental typography projects. It is about monumental typography in art, interior design and architecture.


The book also features interesting examples from the Middle East.

L.10Published by Monacelli Press. The book will be released at the end of October.


This book was dedicated to Milton Glaser and Mihajlo Arsovski.

For more information, please contact

Mirko Ilic Corp
207 e 32nd street
New York, NY 10016
tel. 212.481.9737

To view Mirko work in Design & illustration click the following links (design work) and (illustration work)

Here is a link with a sneak preview of  the book with  select spreads:

‘Broken’ Advertising Industry Fixes Itself

( – Over 100 leading advertising minds across six continents agree: the ad industry is broken. This is the controversial conclusion of a globally crowdsourced new book titled, Digital Doesn’t Matter (and other advertising heresies). Together they paint a bleak future for any marketing organization that fails to adapt to the digital revolution. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The book is by two veterans of the Asia digital advertising scene, Josh Sklar and John Lambie, who have just launched a KickStarter campaign to turn their findings into an interactive platform they plan to keep up to date as the industry continues to evolve.

Josh Sklar, XM’s founding employee and first creative director states, “We’d been hearing the complaints from within the industry for years, so we finally decided to put it to the test with perhaps the largest panel of experts ever assembled on the subject. This project is all about helping advertising professionals adapt to the massive, global change that has put audiences in control. Brands and agencies are struggling to keep up, although these days, it’s mostly the agencies. We explore where the industry went wrong, what needs to happen to put it right and what will happen if we continue to let things go on as they are – driving talent out of the industry and the marketers into the arms of technical specialists.

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New book titled 100 visual ideas, 1000 great ads – by Joe La Pompe



A new book is lunched by JoeLaPompe,This time it’s not about copycats anymore but it’s still about creativity and ads of course. It’s a good way to improve the creative culture of the readers. It’s available in english and will be distributed worldwide by german editor Gestalten. You can have more infos on the book here :

You can follow joelapompe On Twitter : @joelapompe
and visit his site which is a partner site of :

Paragon Marketing Communications work published in 17th International Book titled Recycling & Redesigning Logos

Paragon Marketing Communications one of Kuwait’s leading advertising agency has its work featured in Rockport Publications’ latest release titled ‘Recycling & Redesigning Logos’, making it the 17th international publication on advertising and graphic design featuring work by Paragon Marketing Communications’.

Recycling & Redesigning Logos explores the paradoxes involved in determining when and how much change is necessary in order to arrive at a more captivating and enduring visual logo personality. The book talks about redesigning of logos and about the questions one faces when redesigning, the most important being “Where do you start from?” The book shows case studies from around the world showcasing the brand stories of many corporations such as Coca Cola, Kodak, Burger King etc.

The book is authored by Michael Hodgson, principal and creative director of Ph.D, A Design Office – a firm whose design thinking approach is based on the idea of visual personalities: capturing the essence and soul of the client, then communicating those qualities throughout all applications from building signage and websites to identities and marketing collateral. When he’s not in the office, Michael can usually be found riding his bike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Paragon Marketing Communications has been featured in 17 international books on advertising and graphic design some of which are: The Best of Business Card Design by Sibley/Peteet Design/Austin, Letterhead & Logo Design 9 by The San Francisco Design Office Mine, Letterhead & Logo Design 11 by Design Army, Logo Lounge 4 by Bill Gardner, Identity Crisis by Jeff Fisher, The Big Book of Self promotion by Peleg Top and Ilise Benun, Logo Lounge Master Library 3000 Initial & Crest Logos and Logo Lounge Master Library 3000 Initial & Mythology Logos by Catharine Fishel and Bill Gardner.

On this feat Louai Alasfahani the Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer, Paragon Marketing Communications said “Paragon Marketing Communications has started the new year with yet another achievement and we can safely say that the rest of the year has many more to offer”. Gaya Kruchlik, the Deputy General Manager added “We strive to create work that not just helps the clients but also sets trends and helps push the industry in Kuwait towards international standards”

Reference to Paragon Marketing Communications work is available on


Published in Arab Times. February 16th 2011.

Published in Al Anba. February 16th 2011.

Also published in the Kuwait Times. February 16th 2011. Page: 22.

It eventually also got published in Al Qabas.


Paragon featured in four more International books

Paragonians holding their proof of success 🙂

Published in Arab Ad, December Issue. Page: 143.








Published in Arab Times daily newspaper. October 14th 2010.

Paragon Marketing Communication, one of Kuwait’s leading advertising agencies, has yet again been featured in 4 recently published international books on advertising and graphic design. Namely, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol.1 3000 Initial and Crest Logos, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol. 2 Animal and Mythology Logos, ‘Letterhead and Logo Design 11′ and ‘Design Matters//Portfolios’.

Logo Lounge Master Library authored by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner is a collection of logos assorted from the internationally reputed website The book features designs created by international design firms, along-with, top-tier logo designers who share their insights on values, traditions and the future of designing. While Letterhead and Logo Design 11 by Design Army presents the latest, most innovative, and exciting work from well-known design leaders, new design firms, and cutting-edge artists. The third publication Design Matters/Portfolios by Maura Keller focuses on what makes a design stand out from the crowd in terms of layout, core attributes, and materials used.

Paragon Marketing Communications has been previously featured in several international books on advertising and graphic design some of which are: The Complete Graphic Designer by Ryan Hembree, Crack by Alexander Egger, The Best of Business Card Design by Sibley/Peteet Design/Austin, Letterhead & Logo Design 9 by The San Francisco Design Office Mine, Logo Lounge 4 by Bill Gardner, Identity Crisis by Jeff Fisher, The Big Book of Self promotion by Peleg Top and Ilise Benun, 500 Really Good Logos Explained by Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Ron Miriello and Alex W. White.

On these latest achievements, Sheikh Dawoud Al Sabah, a prominent International Advertising Association member and a long standing patron of Paragon Marketing Communication’s work, said, “We are proud of Paragon’s achievement and that their work has represented Kuwait well globally.”

In addition, Louai Alasfahani, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Paragon Marketing Communications, commented, “We are proud to represent Kuwait in the international arena.”

Furthermore Gaya Kruchlik, Deputy General Manager, Paragon Marketing Communications, added, “Paragon Marketing Communications achievements also include a total of 52 awards which reinforces its position as Kuwait’s most awarded agency.”

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