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I Confess. I Cheated.


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You’re in school taking the most important and hardest class you’ll ever take.  There’s a lot of pressure because if you make an A you’ll be guaranteed a job.  A B might get you the job depending on how everyone else in the class does.  But you’re pretty confident because you’ve worked harder than your classmates.

First test you make a B.  A few of your classmates make Cs and Ds but the majority make As, and you wonder how they did that.  Soon, you hear that one of your classmates has a copy of all the semester’s tests, obtained perhaps by cleverly hacking into the professor’s computer.  The ones who are cheating ask if you’d like to come over and “study” with them for the next test.  You decline because you don’t want to be a cheater.

You study more than you did for the last test because you know you have to just to keep up.  You end up with a B plus.  They make As again.  They’re contacted by job recruiters.  You are not.  Even some of the ones who made Cs and Ds on the first test are now making As, moving you closer to the bottom of the pack.  You’d like to tell on them, but you have no proof.  Besides, that would really tick off the whole group, and they pretty much detest you anyway for your goody-two-shoes routine.

You do what you have to.  You join them.  You make your A.  You get the job.  You’re financially independent and so happy about that.  You get married and have kids, whose piano and tennis lessons you can pay for thanks to that good job.  Your family is happy.  No regrets.  You and your college buddies laugh about that class years later.

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Certified Brand Manager. 17 – 20 February 2013

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Top 5 Business Benefits

  1. Understand the role of brand management and its relationship to functional marketing, product management and other key functions
  2. Strengthen your brand to develop and maintain deeper, longer lasting relationships with your customers
  3. Increase your effectiveness as a brand manager and receive the industry certification, “Certified Brand Manager” from AIPMM
  4. Ensure that your brand promise and your product/service delivery reinforce each other
  5. Identify ways to measure and increase brand equity and brand value

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Masdar – Mubadala, UAE
MBC Group, UAE
Paragon Marketing Communications, Oman
Bank Sohar, Oman
International Turnkey Systems, Bahrain
Bahrain Olympic Committee, Bahrain
OZCO Group Of Companies, KSA
Gulf News, UAE
Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for brand managers and those responsible for creating and strengthening a company’s brands. In addition, it is useful for people who interact with brand managers, and who are responsible for marketing products and services.

  • Brand managers and those responsible for managing the function
  • Marketing managers
  • Product managers, product marketing managers and others responsible for marketing products
  • Business managers and others wanting to become more knowledgeable about the role of their brand
PrerequisitesThere are no specific prerequisites for the course. You will be sent, in advance, a list of suggested readings and supplemental information to help you prepare. The certification exam is designed to test general business knowledge, including topics that cannot be covered in the course due to time limitations. Candidates with an education in business and several years of experience generally score higher on the exam than those with minimal experience, but the course and exam have been proven to be a useful introduction for those with as little as several months of experience in the function.

The five Cs of the design studio

To create good design, and to build a good design studio, you need good people. In more than 10 years of running a design studio I have learnt that there are five types of people required for a great design studio: the five Cs.

Paul Bailey

Mon, 12 Nov 2012 | By Paul Bailey

1. Clients. If you are going to set up a design studio, then you need someone to design for.

Relationship: Find the right clients for you and build a relationship. Build an understanding of what the client hopes to achieve from projects you work on together. It is important that you and the client are clear on the ultimate aims for any design work. Obviously the quality of work is important but it is much easier to develop successful work when you have a good understanding with a client. In my experience clients can become ambassadors for your studio, even acting as unofficial new business developers.

Relationships: However, it’s not just about a single relationship. Build relationships with a number of people at a client company. This will help you grow the client base of your studio. People move jobs and by developing relationships with more than one person then when someone moves you still have a contact at your client company, but you now have a contact at a new company too.

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