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Copy cat 2010 award of the year goes to Seif El Degwi

The above is screen shoot of the “Artist” Deviant Art page caprozo911 , notice that 85% of his work is either copycat, cliche’ or ghost ads!!! We have featured Seif’s “work” in the past in seperat posts so I will not duplicate the effort. Instead I will just post the links to the above examples from this blog and you can draw your own conclusions.

This is what happens when you copy and paste

Talent for sale

head shot

another #$$ hole

Smoking ghost


Self portrait of the “Designer” wearing his crown with the GAP logo which we all know is an abbreviation of Guy And Proud.

This is what happens when you copy and paste

Here is yet another intresting e-mail sent in by Kris which I would like to share with everyone with a Talent….

Hi Louai …
“BEAUTIFUL REPRODUCTION” of the french ad …
same concept … The text actually is a English translation of the French ad … Can You believe this? (how your perception changes when you drink and drive)
THE United Nation ad is the Not-So-Original ONE … found on the deviant art page of a “Creative” from Talent Ad Agency Kuwait …
And the Funny comment under the ad … This ad was a “Gift for [ United Nations Road Safety Collaboration ]” …
Did i mention the “Talent” guy doesn’t know how   “pirson” (PRISON) is spelled … lol …
GOOD JOB TALENT!!! You “didn’t” it again!!!

Client: “Fake” UN

Agency: Talent

“Fake” Designer: Seif El Degwi

Country: Kuwait

Upon doing some more investigation into this copycat crime I dug up the original ad. So its officially Safe to communicate the fact that Seif El Degwi copied the copier of the original ad which was first published in India as per the following details. So he (Seif) copied the copied idea, the headline and the art direction!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Drink and Drive

Advertiser: Triumph Distillers & Vintners

Agency: SSC&B Lintas

Country: India.

The above example is published in the ACT (Advertising Community Together) Responsible advertising exhibition, 2006 booklet. the exhibition was held in Kuwait here is a link IAA Kuwait presents 2008 ACT expo advertising for a better world

Talent for sale

Original (shortlisted at Cannes Lions Advertising Festival back in 2001)

Client: Bianco Footwear “Sale”

Agency: …& Co

Country: Denmark

Year: 2001

Source of above visual: Sold Out / Très très “sale” en effet!

Not So Original

Client: The Foot Shoe Store

Country: Indonesia

Not so original 😉

Client: Essere

Agency: Talent

Designer: Seif El Degwi

Country: Kuwait – 2010.

Special thanks for Kris for sharing this with us. here is what he wrote;

Let’s just call this UN-TALENTED STOLEN IDEA!!!!!!!!!

for this STOLEN IDEA??? … I guess they should at least send 99.9 procent of it to the guy from Indonesia 😉

It’s NOT FAIR MAN!!!!!!! Really!!!!!

Creativity Chill Pill

The following ad is a creative twist on the pill ads that are giving us a headache.

AgencyCerebro Y&R, Panama
Creative Director: Jorge Heilbron
Art Directors: Alberto Weand, Eduardo Gomes
Copywriter: German Ponce
Illustrator: Alberto Weand
Photographer: Gustavo Dao
Published: August 2011

Source: Axion Oxi : Plates

Client: Kuwait United Company Group

Brands: Layalina and Star

Agency: In-house

Published in Arab Ad magazine. Page: 155.

Advertiser: Telemax – TV Production Company

Published in Arab Ad magazine. Pages: 54 – 55.

Client: Cyber Gear – self promotion

Client: Al Faisal Al Feddy Mobiles

Country: Kuwait

Year: 2002

I do not know what is this deep fascination with taking pills!!! its really sick 🙂