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Impact BBDO Lebanon scrolls the MENA Grand Crystal with a copy cat from JWT Chile!!!

“Only the background moves, but the idea always remain the same! And a Grand Cristal (at Mena Awards) to this unconventional but not-so-original idea.” – Joe Lampompe.

Ford Outfitters / Scrolling Billboard – 2007
Source : Adsoftheworld, Media Lions,
Agency : JWT Santiago (Chile)

Audi Q7 / Scrolling Billboard with car sticker on glass – 2010
Source : AdsoftheworldMENA Awards Grand Cristal!
Agency : Impact BBDO Beirut (Lebanon)

Source: Same (creative) Mecanism / (dé)roule ma poule!


JWT Dubai Hits the break on creativity and accelerates copy cat ads

“Ok this example is not brand new, but it’s quite stunning. Is it a “clear” case of parallel thinking or a speed copycat? Who knows… one thing is sure : the 2 ideas and executions are very very similar.” – Joe Lepompe.

New Honda Storm – 2007
Tagline : “With high poerformance brake system”
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Euro RSCG Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Mercedes C-Class – 2008
Headline : “With brake assist system BAS Plus” 
Source : Dubaï LYNX BRONZE
Agency : JWT Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: A sharp lookalike / Une nette ressemblance!

For DDB Dubai, copy cat ads and winning dubai lynx silver are a piece of cake

“Finding original, simple and visual ideas is definitely not a piece of cake nowadays! The funny thing here is that both chose a “black-forest”. Isn’t that the icing on the cake?” – Joe Lapompe.

Finish – 2009
“what you eat shouldn’t smell like what you ate”
Source : New York Festivals Merit
Agency : Euro RSCG Gurgaon (India)

Glad Cling Wrap – 2011
“Let it taste the way it should”
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : DDB Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: Piece of fish-cake / Ma part du gâteau (créatif)

And as usual the copycat wins at Dubai Lynx (this one got Silver in 2011 – Print category)…

Source: CAKE



Dirty copycat by Dubai Team Young & Rubicam gets washed out by Joe Lepompe

“An advertising concept to take away? Wash after wash… the colors don’t fade away and it always remains the same idea.” – Joe Lapompe.

Aqualtis (Indesit) Washing Machine / Bag – 2007
Source : Cannes Archive Online
Agency : Leo Burnett Milan (Italy)

LG Washing Machine / Bag – 2011
Source : AdsoftheworldAdForumDubaï LYNX SILVER
Agency : Young & Rubicam Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: Not so clean as it looks / C’est du propre!

The following is the full page of Communicate magazine (specilizing in the IMC industry) interviweing the founder of Team Young & Rubicam (also CEO of Menacom which is the holding company for Team Y&R Dubai and other countries)

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Euro RSCG Morocco stinking copycat from the last century

“While most of the agencies are trying to define the future of the ad industry, some agencies are still recycling ideas from the last century…” – Joe Lampompe.

Shoe deodorant – 1998
Source : Cannes Archive,
Agency : McCann (Brazil)

AlpenArena – 2003
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Director : Leo Burnett Zurich (Switzerland)

Enough walking? Auto loans Eqdom– 2011
Source : Adsoftheworld,
Agency : Euro RSCG Casablanca (Morocco)

Source of all three examples: Idea from the last century / Coup de pompes

These ads follow in the foot steps of the washing machine ads with the cloths hanging out as a tongue.

Here is a twist on the same “Original” and “Creative” idea….

Creativity starved copycat feasts on pizza in the wild

There is one more example of this same idea for the same automotive brand that has been used in the Middle East, I will hunt it down and add it to these two examples by Joe Lapompe.

Volkswagen Cross Polo – 2008
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : DDB Berlin (Germany)

Volkswagen Tiguan – 2011
Source : WeloveAd
Agency : DDB Sydney (Australia)

Source of both examples: Same Idea Delivered Twice / Deuxième Service

Drive Dentsu Lebanon takes peace of mind for Toyota from VW France

“If you look at it on the peaceful side… it’s a funny coïncidence. If you’re not that much into the happy hippy kind of mood you could call this an intentional recycling or even worse : a nasty copycat.”

Volkswagen Cars – 1992
Headline : “For Peace / Peace of mind”
Source : French Art Directors Club
Agency : DDB Paris (France)

Toyota Motors Company – 2011
Headline : “Peace / Peace of mind”
Source : Outdoor Inspiration@jbledivelec and Beyrut Drive By (photo)
Agency : Drive Dentsu (Lebanon)

Source of both examples: Peace, love and copycat? / Paix en cascade

Ice-age copycat found at MEMAC Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

“Same advertizer, same idea… but different agencies. Do you think that recycling an existing concept could be considered as an eco-friendly process? I think that it’s wasted time (photoshoot, photoshop, printing), energy and money which at the end is not so eco-friendly.”

Greenpeace Switzerland – 2009
Source : Edi Award “special prize”
Agency : Spinas CH (Switzerland)

Greenpeace Turkey  – 2012
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: Polar bear looking like ice floe / Ça jette un froid?

DDB Dubai Wrinkled Copycat

Perri Alley Shirts – 2009
Source : Coloribus
Agency : 1pointsize Chennai (India)

Vernel Detergent – Laundry Softener – 2011
Source : Cannes Lions SHORTLIST
Agency : DDB Dubaï (UAE)

Source of both examples: The Flat Truth / Plié en quatre