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Arabnet Beirut 2013 creativity competition




Showcase your talent in a challenge to create an inspiring digital advertising campaign in just one week. Apply to the Creative Combat, a competition for regional professionals and freelancers in digital design, copywriting, and marketing.


Creative Combat finalists will face off at ArabNet Beirut 2013 (March 20-22), the region’s largest conference for the digital creative sector. Finalists will have the unique opportunity to present their campaigns and showcase their creative talent in front of over 600 industry leaders.


Form a team of two and apply by February 28.

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The five Cs of the design studio

To create good design, and to build a good design studio, you need good people. In more than 10 years of running a design studio I have learnt that there are five types of people required for a great design studio: the five Cs.

Paul Bailey

Mon, 12 Nov 2012 | By Paul Bailey

1. Clients. If you are going to set up a design studio, then you need someone to design for.

Relationship: Find the right clients for you and build a relationship. Build an understanding of what the client hopes to achieve from projects you work on together. It is important that you and the client are clear on the ultimate aims for any design work. Obviously the quality of work is important but it is much easier to develop successful work when you have a good understanding with a client. In my experience clients can become ambassadors for your studio, even acting as unofficial new business developers.

Relationships: However, it’s not just about a single relationship. Build relationships with a number of people at a client company. This will help you grow the client base of your studio. People move jobs and by developing relationships with more than one person then when someone moves you still have a contact at your client company, but you now have a contact at a new company too.

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New book titled 100 visual ideas, 1000 great ads – by Joe La Pompe



A new book is lunched by JoeLaPompe,This time it’s not about copycats anymore but it’s still about creativity and ads of course. It’s a good way to improve the creative culture of the readers. It’s available in english and will be distributed worldwide by german editor Gestalten. You can have more infos on the book here :

You can follow joelapompe On Twitter : @joelapompe
and visit his site which is a partner site of :