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Blog Anubis supports 2011 Dubai Lynx

Blog Anubis is a proud supporter of the Dubai Lynx advertising creativity festival. The Dubai Lynx (in my opinion) is currently the most credible festival awarding creativity in the Middle East as evident by the actions taken two years ago when they withdrew the title of Agency of the Year and several trophies from an agency which did not adhere to the competition rules and regulations. They also updated their rules and regulations (see Great move Dubai Lynx ).

Many media vehicles including Arab Times, Seyassah and RLP have confirmed their support for the Dubai Lynx from Kuwait with many more confirming on a daily basis.

For more details of the Dubai Lynx, for entering work and for deltgate registration please visit their website


Announcing the Winners of Wolda ‘09 and the launch of a new format for Wolda ‘10!

Wolda ‘09 Best of the World Award Winner

Designer: Olivier Courbet (U.S.A.)

Client: Circus of Magazines

Wolda Talent ‘09 Best of the World Award Winner

Designer: Keo Pierron (U.S.A.)

Client: Ponzu Sushi House


Milan, June 10, 2010 – Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual, is proud to announce the winners of its 2009 edition: 192 logos,

selected from nearly 2000 entries from all over the world. The overall winner is the “Circus of Magazines” logo designed by Olivier

Courbet for the online magazine marketplace. In the student category Wolda Talent, Keo Pierron from Texas, USA was the overall

winner with the “Ponzu Sushi house” logo.

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Paragon Executive Creative Director judge AUK Capstone logo competition

Kuwait: On the 18th of January, 2011 Mr. Kosta the executive creative director at Paragon Marketing Communications – Kuwait was on a panel of judges selecting the wining logo design by the students of AUK, in addition an AUK graduate student is currently an intern at Paragon Marketing communications, all of which is an integral part of Paragon Marketing Communications commitment and contribution to the future designers of Kuwait.

“I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in the decision making of the student project logo competition” Stated Professor  Maryam Hosseinnia.

Mr. Kosta has more than 30 years of practical experience and holds a Masters of Art degree from the University of Sofia in Bulgaria. His work has won several local, regional and international awards in addition to it being featured in specialized international books on graphic design, logos and corporate identity.


New Starbucks logo announced

starbucks logo

Starbucks announced their new logo just a few hours ago and already some people hate it and some others love it. Some are pointing out the logoflop GAP made last year – some do appreciate it for it’s elegance and simplicity. I really do like it, the old one did indeed look dated, specially next to the new one.

starbucks logo

starbucks logo



Creative Latitude Features five graphic make-overs by Paragon

Creative Latitude recently featured five graphic make-over case studies by Paragon Marketing Communications.

European Center for Advertising Redesign

La Baguette Logo Redesign

KGL Transportation Logo Enhancement

KGL Holding Logo Redesign

Rayyan Design Logo Redesign

European Center for Advertising Logo
by Louai Alasfahani, Paragon Marketing Communications
Background:European Center For Advertising is a Kuwait based Media Buying Unit which is ranking as number one in the local market for the past 15 years. 

As I was hired to do some consultancy work for the client I have recommended that the logo needs a redesign as it is outdated and does not represent the client leadership in the market.

I approached this redesign as I do with every project; I asked plenty of questions and worked towards achieving the agreed goals of the project, which in this particular case were to project a contemporary image of the organization, communicate its leadership and visually represent their name.


ECA logo before


I approached this redesign as I do with every project; I asked plenty of questions and worked towards achieving the agreed goals of the project, which in this particular case were to project a contemporary image of the organization, communicate its leadership and visually represent their name.

How did I decide that the logo needed to be changed subtly or completely redesigned? Since their logo was very extremely outdated I decided to completely redesign it.

I decided that the name has strong brand equity so I kept it as European Center and dropped the descriptive part “for Advertising” which was previously used as an integral part of their logo design.

I decided to move away from abbreviations and use their full name “European Center” as well as changing the typeface and color scheme to something more European.

Final result:

The client appreciated the work and the thinking process behind the work, and most importantly he appreciated that it was well perceived in the marketplace, which was a major concern of his since all of his clients are advertising agencies that are highly opinionated to the extent that he claimed that the design was not created locally.


ECA logo after

Alina’s Feedback:

The original logo was barely an actual logo. In its format of gradations and blurred background, it must have been very challenging to use in a variety of formats. I shutter to think how it went through a fax machine! Louai was smart to drop the abbreviations and descriptive tag. It creates a much stronger read, brand recognition and presence. Good choice of colors too!

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Paragon featured in four more International books

Paragonians holding their proof of success 🙂

Published in Arab Ad, December Issue. Page: 143.








Published in Arab Times daily newspaper. October 14th 2010.

Paragon Marketing Communication, one of Kuwait’s leading advertising agencies, has yet again been featured in 4 recently published international books on advertising and graphic design. Namely, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol.1 3000 Initial and Crest Logos, ‘Logo Lounge Master Library’ Vol. 2 Animal and Mythology Logos, ‘Letterhead and Logo Design 11′ and ‘Design Matters//Portfolios’.

Logo Lounge Master Library authored by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner is a collection of logos assorted from the internationally reputed website The book features designs created by international design firms, along-with, top-tier logo designers who share their insights on values, traditions and the future of designing. While Letterhead and Logo Design 11 by Design Army presents the latest, most innovative, and exciting work from well-known design leaders, new design firms, and cutting-edge artists. The third publication Design Matters/Portfolios by Maura Keller focuses on what makes a design stand out from the crowd in terms of layout, core attributes, and materials used.

Paragon Marketing Communications has been previously featured in several international books on advertising and graphic design some of which are: The Complete Graphic Designer by Ryan Hembree, Crack by Alexander Egger, The Best of Business Card Design by Sibley/Peteet Design/Austin, Letterhead & Logo Design 9 by The San Francisco Design Office Mine, Logo Lounge 4 by Bill Gardner, Identity Crisis by Jeff Fisher, The Big Book of Self promotion by Peleg Top and Ilise Benun, 500 Really Good Logos Explained by Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Ron Miriello and Alex W. White.

On these latest achievements, Sheikh Dawoud Al Sabah, a prominent International Advertising Association member and a long standing patron of Paragon Marketing Communication’s work, said, “We are proud of Paragon’s achievement and that their work has represented Kuwait well globally.”

In addition, Louai Alasfahani, Managing Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Paragon Marketing Communications, commented, “We are proud to represent Kuwait in the international arena.”

Furthermore Gaya Kruchlik, Deputy General Manager, Paragon Marketing Communications, added, “Paragon Marketing Communications achievements also include a total of 52 awards which reinforces its position as Kuwait’s most awarded agency.”

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Top 10 Signs You’re a Fontaholic

10. You spend more time looking at how the name of the car in front of you is written rather than where you’re going.
9. You have 3 or more fonts on your computer that are fantasy or science fiction languages/symbols that you can’t read, but hey… they look cool.
8. You’re the only one you know who thinks being able to have only a few HUNDRED fonts on Windows 98 is a problem.
7. You agonize for hours over which font to remove from your maxed-out system in order to install the cool new font you found today.
6. You visit a Font-of-the-Day site for two and a half months before finding a font you haven’t seen before.
5. You try to explain to your friends why you like fonts so much, and it only makes you sound geekier.
4. You truly believe Ray Larabie is a GOD.
3. You state with conviction that you can never have enough calligraphy fonts.
2. You don’t have any outline fonts on your computer when you already have their solid versions because the outline versions would only take space away for other fonts.
And the number one sign you’re a fontaholic:
1. You can often point out lettering you see in advertisements or logos by their font names; “Hey, that’s Colonial Uncial!”

Paragon is a proud sponsor of PAWS Kuwait

Paragon is a proud sponsor of PAWS (Protecting Animal Welfare Society). We like PAWS so much that we designed their van livery and re-designed their logo as well as collaborated on several other projects. We even adopted a cat 🙂 Please support PAWS in any way you can and remember little acts of kindness go a long way.

Published in Kuwait Times in April, 2006.

We also participated in the photo competition for work to be included in the PAWS calendar, two of my photos have won and got included in the calendar which we printed for them through sponsership by Arab Times daily English newspaper. I also would like to thank Kuwait Times English daily newspaper for sponsoring the printing of PAWS previous calendar.

Main photograph by: Louai Alasfahani

Main photograph by: Louai Alasfahani.

Published in The Daily Star daily English newspaper. November 11-12, 2006. Page: 14.