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S.O.B.’s are everywhere

Rondon Fernandes, is a Brazilian ad copywriter ( who makes cartoons in his spare time. One of his favorites heroes is called FDP (S.O.B.) Son of b… or in Brazilian portuguese Filho da p…. It’s a visual translation of the expression. And since there’re S.O.B. everywhere, even in the ad industry, there’re sketches about creatives, accounts, directors etc.

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Deadly typo in omani bilingual magazine

One of Oman’s business magazines is attempting to differentiate itself from its competitors by announcing its USP (unique selling proposition) as the ONLY bilingual English & Arabic magazine however they failed because they misspeled  “bilingual” in Arabic. This pull up banner was placed in Al Bustan hotel during the first sustainable urbanization conference. here is the link Oman Sustainable urbanisation Conference 19 – 20 September 2011

Who swallowed the logo? then throw-it-up!!!

Client: Americana – Hardees

Agency: UniExpo

Country: Kuwait

Year: August 2011

We are going to use this most recent example from Kuwait to learn what not to do in any ad specially an outdoor ad:

1- According to the VIPS formula (Visibility, Identity, Promise, Singleminded) this ad is missing the “I” for identity, who is sending this message?!!!!!!!

2- According to the AIDA formula which was later on improved to AIDCA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action) the “A” for Action is missing. What action should the recipient of this message take after going through all the stages of AIDCA?!!!!!!

3- The very nature of OOH (Out Of Home) does not lend itself well for long copy as the drivers barely have time to register your message in less than 6 seconds

4- It is a cardinal sin to omit the identity of the “Sender” in the communication process according to Shannon & Weaver communication model.

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